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Tharpaling Thongdrol Festival Bhutan

Duration: 1 Day Place: Bumthang

A one-day festival held in the Tharpaling Monastery of Bumthang, Thapaling Throngdoel festival is unlike other popular festivals of Bhutan. On this day the giant throngdrel or silk thangka of Jowo Jampa and Kunkhyen Longchen Rabjam are displayed. Tourists who visit Bumthang during this festival will get an insight into the rituals and ceremonies particular to Buddhism.

Insight into Festival Duration,
Dates, and Features

Festival Duration

The Tharpaling Thongdrol festival in Bhutan is celebrated for one day. The upcoming festival dates for this Bhutan festival are given below.

Dates for 2020

Starting Date: 9th March 2020Ending Date: 9th March 2020

Festival Destination

This event is held at Tharpaling Monastery which is situated in a quiet village in the district of Bumthang. The monastery, which sits at an incredible height of 3600m, offers great views of the Chhume Valley.

Special Highlights of the Festival

  • Display of enormous Thangkas
  • Elaborate prayer ceremonies performed by monks

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Tharpaling Thongdrol
Festival Bhutan

Seek blessings at the unfurling of the silk thangkas or throngdrels

Bhutan is one of the most attractive tourist destinations in the world, not just for its natural beauty which makes trekking in Bhutan, besides other adventure sports, so popular, but also for its culture, heritage and traditions. One way of getting an idea of its culture is participating in its festivals.

Many of the Bhutan festivals are marked by thrilling dance performances where performers wear masks and other interesting outfits. Tharpaling Thongdrol festival is quite different from these. Instead of mask dances, or chams as they are called, this festival is celebrated by elaborate rituals and ceremonies particular to Buddhism.

Celebrated over the course of one day, this festival in Bhutan involves the display of giant thangkas (Tibetan Buddhist paintings on cotton and silk applique which depict a Buddhist deity or scene). The thangkas of Jowo Jampa and Kunkhyen Longchen Rabjam are displayed alternatively every year. Before this, however, prayer ceremonies called Monlam Chenmo are performed by the monks of Tharpaling Lhakhang.

Tharpaling, which means the place of liberation, is situated atop a hillock and overlooks the villages of Chumey and Gaytsa in Bhumthang. Visiting this place with Bhutan travel tour packages and enjoying the amazing sights can be an incredible experience. It is believed that a famous Buddhist thinker and philosopher from the 14th century paid a visit to Tharpaling. Here, he preached Dharma (the doctrine of universal truth to people of all religions), which, in the local language, was called Yodsel Dorji Nyingpo. He attracted several followers and in due course of time, the place came to be known as “Tharpaling”, or the place of liberation.

This is a festival which you should attend during your Bhutan travel, as it offers a glimpse of the rituals and ceremonies in Buddhism.