The land of diversity and flavours of life that allure one to stay longer, Indonesia is a travel destination reflecting the true spirit of Southeast Asia. A colourful palette, this island country takes one on a tour of different aspects of life that have a deep connection with nature and culture. Sure, Indonesia has developed some of its part like Bali as a tourist destination, primarily a honeymoon getaway but this country is not restricted to just this. With more than 17000 islands in possessions, Indonesia inevitably can be a travel place with plenty on offer for people on a vacation here. The scenic white sand beaches; the dense forests that are also home to the orangutans; the island of Komodo dragons; the serendipity in Bali; and the dynamism in Jakarta, adorn Indonesia in a way that it has become irresistible.

Indonesia enjoys rich biodiversity, and it only adds more charm to this island country. The national parks and forests in Indonesia give wildlife lovers a chance to sight rare and exotic flora and fauna. On the other hand, in places like West Timor Village compels one to trudge and explore something new. The experience of the ferry ride to Kalimatan or a train journey to Java all has an experience that can neither be missed nor can be forgotten. Apart from this, Indonesia travel guide offers a manicured list of places to visit for people on a family vacation where each member has something incredible to explore and imbibe. The honeymooners can find their paradise in this island nation and so can the solo travellers who have a wide array of things to do and see here.

Top Tourist Attractions in Indonesia

Top Things to Do in Indonesia

img Amusement Parks

Indonesia has a number of fun amusement parks which are heaven for both kids and kids at heart.

img Pilgrimage

There are 12 points of departures for Hajj pilgrims from Indonesia, making it a popular pilgrimage country.

img Heritage

Due to its central location, Indonesia’s cultural heritage has been strongly influenced by multiple foreign countries.

img Water Adventure

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img Scuba Diving

With 15 percent of the world’s coral and 25 percent of fish species, Indonesia is a scuba diving heaven.

img Village Tourism

Take a step back in time and discover the lifestyle of Indonesian villagers by taking village tours.

img Food & Culinary

Influenced by Chinese, European, and Arabs culture, diversity of culture shows in Indonesian food as well.

img Wildlife

Experience jungle river trips, spot mammals like elephants, orangutans & explore the raw wilderness of Indonesia.

img Snorkling

A country that holds four times an ocean than land is best known for its beautiful snorkeling spots.

img Festivals

Colourful parades and extravagant dances are the essences of Indonesian festivals.

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Indonesia Visa Regulation

Indonesia offers the facility of visa on arrival to the nationals of some of the countries, whereas, the country also offers visa free entry to a number of nations. Indonesia visa can be obtained for minimum 30 days and can extended for another 30 days. Read to find more details on Indonesia visa regulation.

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Best Time to Visit Indonesia

The best time to visit Indonesia is between the months of May and September when it remains dry and sunny. On the other hand, during the monsoon season temperature remains high and intense tropical downpours that last for a couple of hours is received in the island country.

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International Tourism

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