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Popular Attractions To Visit in Gasa

Gasa is a beautiful town located in close proximity to Gasa Dzong in northwestern Bhutan. The local people here are known as Layaps, who are nomadic herders with unique culture and traditions. The town is home to a variety of tourist attractions, one of them being its dzong. One can reach this dzong via a narrow road from Punakha. Gasa Dzong was constructed in 1646 by Zhabdrung in order to commemorate the victory over the Tibetans. It is also famous for the Snowman Trek, which is one of the most challenging treks in the Himalayas. Royal Highlander Festival is a newly-established and vivaciously celebrated festival which allows tourists to experience the local culture. Gasa is also renowned for the healing hot springs that can be accessed by around 2 hours of walk from the bottom of the ridge.

These are the 4 Most Popular Tourist Attractions in Gasa

S.No Attraction Name
1 Laya Village
2 Gasa Dzong
3 Lunana Village
4 Gasa Tshachu

We Have Found 4 Attractions For You


Laya Village

The way to Laya Village lies through an arduous trek, but it is definitely worth it. Situated at an altitude of 3800 meters, the village is famous for being home to the Laya community. Numbering about ...


Gasa Dzong

Even though Gasa Dzong, a famous tourist attraction in Gasa, Bhutan, is massively overshadowed by enormous mountain ranges in the background, it still manages to impress an onlooker with its unique ci ...


Lunana Village

To get a glimpse of traditional Himalayan culture, you should visit Lunana Village. Its remote location lends it a distinctive charm. The main attraction of the village is its people, who are dependen ...


Gasa Tshachu

During your Bhutan sightseeing tour, Gasa Tshachu is a place which you should not miss, especially if you like taking baths. The hot springs of Gasa Tshachu, situated in close proximity to River Mo Ch ...