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Laya Village

Amidst Bhutan’s tremendous beauty which cannot be compared with anything in the world is hidden a pristine and untouched beauty in the form of a small village known, ‘Laya’. This offbeat destination in Bhutan with a handful of houses, is located on the northwestern part of the country in Gasa district where every traveller must visit. Situated at an altitude of 3800 meters, Laya is also be known as the highest settlement in Bhutan.

Laya Village is a settlement with around 110 houses and is also one of the most remote places in Bhutan which are so unspoiled by the modern world that there is no well-constructed road leading to the place. However, the only way to access this village is via a two-day trek from the nearest town named Gasa that is around 28 km away from Laya. This not-so-difficult trek will take you across the marvellous scenery of Bhutan through the muddy paths with just one stop at Koina. From Koina, it takes about 7 hours to step into the picturesque panorama of Laya.

The territory of this village in Bhutan begins when one comes across the ancient gate constructed as the limit of the village. The community living in the settlement is known as ‘Layaps’ who are said to be living here since the 15th century when they were banished by the Tibetans. At present, only 3000 inhabitants are left in the country with the main profession of nomadic yak herders who travel daily to the high altitude yak herding camps. Nonetheless, most of the people are involved in hidden trade with Tibet as candies, beer, and other goods available here are Chinese. This is the reason why Laya is one of the richest villages in Bhutan.