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Gasa Tshachu

On the northern part of Bhutan, there is Gasa district which is still unspoiled and untouched by modernization. Besides that, there are places that astonish people with their natural quality and one such place is Gasa Tshachu which should be in every tourist’s bucket list when visiting Bhutan. Gasa Tshachu is a spectacular natural hot spring located on the western side of Gasa close to the bank of Mo Chhu River. Gasa Tshachu is visited because of the belief that it can heal any medical ailment.

At present, Gasa Tshachu is counted amongst the most respected and amazing tourist attractions in Bhutan. However, there is no well-constructed road leading to the hot spring which is why tourists need to trek for about an hour to reach here. It is around 2 km away from the famous Gasa Dzong and the drive till the nearest point is pretty precarious rough. Usually, Gasa Tshachu attracts approximately 3000 visitors every year. The best part about this place is that there is not one spring but nine roofed hot springs where a large number of visitors can gather at ones.

The story of this marvelous place to visit in Bhutan goes back to 1616 when Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyel arrived in Bhutan through Gasa and bathed in Gasa Tshachu while he was staying in Damji. During this period, the Tshachu provided him with relaxation moments by relieving him with immense joint pains and fatigues. Thereafter, he blessed the spring to maintain healing power forever.