Top Secluded Beaches in India

Within a short distance from the city cacophony all of a sudden when you come across an isolated beach, there springs up an unrealistic zeal. The erosive effects of waves on the shoreline, cooling breeze from the sea, whispering palm grove and blazing horizon broken by the lonely barge on the whole, draws up an unconditional legacy. Just the briny ambiance and nothing else holds your privacy. Needless to wander from coast to coast… from the deltaic islands of south of Bengal to Kutch in Gujarat, the Indian peninsula still has many unexplored beaches safely secluded that makes one’s beach holiday in India filled with tickled pink moments.

Stop pouring Rum!
Winter is beginning to fade…it is now time to come out of your cozy bed and loosen the grip on your wallet. It’s time to clack beer bottles at the beach, so stop pouring cheap rum into your crystal glass. Live up to the sugarplum promises you made to your honeybunch for the Valentine’s Day and gear up to spend some memorable moments at one of the secluded beaches in India.

“The splendid patency of the ocean so vast
Becalmed my eyes when the sunset orangish
Rimmed the depth of the blues far…”

Kizhunna Beach
A perfect liplock sobriety resides at the soft and pristine Kizhunna Beach close to Kannur, one of the secluded beaches in Kerala. The soft white sandy beach that forms a perfect bed to cuddle against each other on the lap of the palm grove and splashing sound of the cascading waves breaking the tenderness makes the Kizhunna Beach a perfect location to spare time with your love and get pampered by nature.

“The beacon beams glinted by the ebbtide
The waves bravoed to the het up coast
By the breaking of the eventide.”

Kolavi Palm Beach
Your privacy won’t be disturbed by the interference of the endangered Olive Ridley turtles; rather you are going to hop-skip with intense emotion. The Kolavi Beach that is a stretch of golden sands, with shallow waters, which border Velliyamkallu, is a haven to Olive Ridley turtles. Providing a close bond with the aquatic life for beachgoers, the Kolavi Palm Beach in Payyoli is another pristine and secluded beach in Kerala that makes a niche beachscape.

“Aweary the trawler homed with a news
The ocean rage is being followed by the force of the veil
Masses at mass bespoke towards their deity…”

Kappil Beach
Before it reaches the eye of Kerala Tourism and pulls in worldwide tourists… make this remote beach in Kerala another memorable pre-honeymoon or post-honeymoon destination. A nice combination of backwaters, cliff and wet sandy floor makes the Kappil Beach in Kasargod a perfect place to hatch lovable moments on your beach vacation in Kerala. The Kodi Cliff nearby offers a panoramic view of the Arabian Sea and 2 km away is the Pallikunnam Temple.

“By the voice so augured he willed their existence
A numbness so spread met with the aura of peace.
Lasted by the night awaited for the day break.”

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Galgibaga Beach
Still one of the secluded beaches in India, the Galgibaga Beach that is close to the popular Palolem Beach resort makes an exotic hideout beach holiday in Goa. It offers a fine and soft stretch of golden sand dotted with one or two shacks to the south while to the north it houses the endangered Olive Ridley turtles.

“The sun adorned with its rays from the aglow eastern sky
Forenoon prayers prolonged by the sunrise
Joggers by the coast breathed by the sand…”

Butterfly Beach
An ideal and reclusive walk of two kilometers passing through the dense forest drops you at a tiny beach cove layered in perfectly white sand overlooking the translucent water of the Arabian Sea. The Butterfly Beach in South Goa, which is close to north of Palolem Beach, is yet another secluded beach in Goa that brings forth a quixotic ambiance bonding with nature.

“The artisan appealed the passerby by his sand built avatar.
The daylight brightened the coast to colours
A joyous time for the mankind to savor.”

Ramchandi Beach
Close to the Konark Temple, which is one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites of India, the Ramchandi Beach in Orissa at the mouth of the River Kushabhadra is one of the unexplored beaches in India though locals travel there for fishing in the Bay of Bengal. One can bustle into several activities like fishing, swimming and sun-bathing at the Ramchandi Beach. Nonetheless this beach is not a perfect location to perk up your intimate feelings… though not crowded but being close to the fishing harbor you may chance upon the eyes of the fishermen. [ WINK] Just collect some shells.

“Maidens in maillot and men in slacks
Plunged themselves into the ocean so vast
Far there the dolphin dance
The waited lensman captured the ken thence.”

Talasari Beach
Where the red crabs play hide-n-seek and gentle waves lap on the palm fringed shore… the Talasari Beach in Balasore district of Orissa is another unexploited beach in India. Part of the Talasari Beach to the north stretches out to south of Bengal and is also a part of the popular Udaipur Beach.

Baludera Beach
Located in one of the archipelago of Andaman and Nicobar, the Baludera Beach in Baratang Island, approximately 9 kilometers from Nilambur is a safe and secluded haven for leisure travellers. It offers an ultimate eco-friendly ambiance having the blue turquoise bay, the beach dotted with tree-top huts and thatches shadowed by the dense grove at the backdrop.

Pingleshwar Beach
An easy access by road from Bhuj, the Pingleshwar Beach in Kutch, which is close to Mandavi is one of the pristine and colourful beaches in Gujarat that nestles several migratory birds and thus offering some serious bird watching. A perfect location for couples to spend idealistic moments walking down the stretch of golden shore… the Pingleshwar Beach  is one memorable beach holiday in India.

At a glance

Beaches State/UT Nearby City Where to stay
Kizhunna Kerala Kannur Resorts
Kolavi Palm Kerala Payyoli Huts/home stays
Kappil Kerala Kasargod Resorts/Hotels
Galgibaga Beach Goa Palolem Resorts
Butterfly Goa Palolem/Margaon Resorts/Hotels
Ramchandi Orissa Konark/Puri Hotels
Talasari Orissa/West Bengal Balasore Hotels
Baludera Andaman & Nicobar Nilambur, Baratang Island Resorts/Huts
Pingleshwar Kutch, Gujarat Mandavi & Bhuj Hotels

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Last Updated: November 14, 2019
Published: 16 Jan, 2014
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