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Beleswar Beach Odisha

When it comes to beaches, Odisha is one of the states that is always ahead with its fascinating land of palm-fringed beaches. Baleswar beach is quite popular among the couples and why shouldnt it be? After all, the scenic location with its resplendent sand arouses an ardour. Sat at the mouth of the Nuanai stream and along the prominent Puri Konark Marine Drive Road, it is situated by the side of Bay of Bengal, and just like any other beach in Odisha, it is also known for captivating people with its beautiful sunset and sunrise view.

The beach is cloaked in greens and covered with silvery sand and clear blue sky that you can witness from October to March. The breeze carries with it the smell of oceans waters that in turn wavers the leaves of coconut and Casuarina trees. Unlike other beaches, this pristine beach is untouched by tourists and hawkers. Although it attracts a lot of visitors for its beauty, it is not jam-packed with people every time. Because of this reason, the beach offers other things to try and explore with your loved ones besides the usual water sports.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

You can satiate your soul by indulging in a romantic stroll with your loved one and exploring the beach as you walk hand in hand. Planning a trip with your boisterous family is also possible as the beach offers a lot of reason to just lay your bed sheet over the sand and enjoy each others company.

  • Romantic Outing

    Needless to say, as the beach is quiet and tranquil, most of the time it offers a great reason to set up a bivouac or wooden poles for your date night.

  • Picnic

    Away from all the hustle and bustle of the city, it is a great place to reconnect with your loved ones relishing the garam chai and crispy sandwich with cheese on top.

Top Tourist Attractions around the Beach

Besides being a beach for all the wanderers and couples who would just like to explore the place, it is also known for its religious affairs. So if youre religious or just like to explore these places, there is one place near the beach that you should definitely pay your visit to.

  • Beleswar Temple

    A flock of devotees every year visit the place during Mahashivratri. The festival is celebrated with great zest as the place is already known for attracting Shiva followers.

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