Bordi Dahanu Beach Maharashtra

If you are thinking about beach holidays in Maharashtra, planning for a tour to the Bordi Dahanu beach located in the Thane District of Maharashtra would be an amazing plan. The Parsis and Warli tribes reside in the Dahanu town. This village falls under the ‘green zone’ as there is no urbanization here. It is well connected by road, railway and air. The beach here is very calm and refreshing.

During holidays here, one can start his morning by seeing the fishing boats return and after sunset visit the markets to fetch fresh sea food like prawns, lobsters and many others as well. One of the most interesting things to do while on a visit here is to interact with the Warli tribes. Tourists get to know about their lifestyle and culture. These tribes are very popular for their mural paintings and are known to share an intense bonding with nature. Another attraction near Bordi is the Asavali Dam which is made of sand. The tourists can enjoy the sight of orchards and farms around the dam. The scenic beauty of the hills behind the dam is very soothing to the heart. There is water on one side of the dam and on the other side it is covered with paddy grassland.

This place is also heaped with a lot of adventurous activities like trekking, gliding and also exploring the open seas. There is a place here named, Tarpa where many exciting and challenging activities are being organized like rope climbing, rappelling, and many others as well. One can also stay at the Tarpa Agri Eco-tourism Centre while on a visit here. It has a museum related to environment and agriculture. This place is sure to excite the journey for adventure lovers. While on a vacation to this popular beach, one can never miss out the chance of participating in the famous Chickoo Festival which is mainly organized to promote the culture of the place. Tourists can enjoy the Tarpa dance and kite flying in this festival.

Apart from all these there are also a number of other tourism places near Dahanu which are mostly visited by the tourists.

Bordi Dahanu Beach Maharashtra

Some of these include the Dahanu Fort, the Kalpataru Botanical Gardens, Mallinath Jain Tirth Kosbad Temple, Bahrot Caves and the Depchari Dam and Reservoir. This holiday destination also offers a number of beautiful beach resorts where tourists can reside during their trip to the place. The Goolkhush Resort in Bordi is one such resort that offers luxurious stay to the visitors. The best time to visit this beach is during the winters when one can enjoy the sightseeing in the brisk air of the place.

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