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Ramchandi Beach Odisha

Ramchandi is reckoned to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Odisha as well as in India. Situated on the junction of the River Kusabhadra and the Bay of Bengal, the beach got its name from Goddess Ramchandi, the presiding deity of the Konark region who is also reckoned to be the consort of Sun God. It is situated on the Marine Drive, which is 7 km away from Konark. No doubt that thousands of worshippers of the deity visit the place every year in hope of fulfilling their wishes. The beach is considered to be one of Indias finest beaches. Irrespective of the faith, one can witness the most incredible sunrise and sunsets on this pristine beach.

As it is isolated and spotless that makes it one of the most picturesque beaches of Odisha. It is safe to call this seaside the most placid destination for just lying down on the immaculate camel-coloured sand and gaze far into the sky. Visiting Ramchandi beach offers a lot of things to experience on the beach itself. From reviving oneself to bring back the consciousness and peace and forgetting the chaotic city mindset for a few minutes to experiencing the nature at its best.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

Ramchandi Beach is known for its fair amount of water sports that it offers to its visitors. It is one of the best places to enjoy surfing destination in India. Ramchandi is popular for its annual festival when one has the chance to both enjoy adventure sports and the sand sculpture art.

  • Scuba Diving

    Although scuba diving is an activity there that people cant find much option for but the den of Kalinga Divers Foundation can be found to quell your adrenaline spirits. International diver Mr. Sabir Bux runs the academy.

  • Boating

    Because the beach has a gradual slope, high waves are not formed, which makes it ideal for boating. The environs of the serene beach and silent water promises a calm ride.

  • Swimming

    Out of every beach in Odisha, Ramchandi beach can be called a beach with the most appropriate and perfect aura and setting of the waters. This offers a great opportunity to all the swimming enthusiast out there.

  • Surfing and Sand Sculptures

    Ramachandi Festival involves international surf festival and Konark sand art festival. Foreigners from around the world come to witness the beauty of it that engulfs you. Besides this, the festival also organizes activities like Yoga, meditation etc.

Top Tourist Attractions around the Beach

Tourists can also explore the eminent adjacent water sport center and get in the realm of the sacred places. There are numerous small temples in nearby villages but if you want to witness the spectacular view of a well-known shrine, a visit Vaishnadevi Mayadevi temple is recommended.

  • Vaishnadevi Mayadevi Temple

    Ramchandi temple is just 10 km away from the beach and given the fact that its a famous pilgrim's place, one shouldnt miss visiting it to witness impressive interiors of the temple.

  • India Surf Festival Centre

    If you travel via Puri-Konark Marine Drive, you can reach this place, which is just 2.3 km away from the beach. This is an adventure sports centre where you also have the opportunity to meet fellow surfers.

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