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Weave your heart with the paradisiacal land of Tamilnadu and extend your hand to touch the shimmering sand of the beaches nurtured in this state of South India. Stretching over 901 kms accompanying the Bay of Bengal towards the east and the Indian ocean towards the south, the balmy breeze follows your route making even the smallest and simplest thing bring joy in your beach holiday in Tamilnadu.With every beach extraordinary in its own sense, there are some which are counted as the best beaches in Tamilnadu like Covelong, Marina, Mahabalipuram, Rameshwaram,Auro, Elliot and Kanyakumari. While Covelong and Elliot are loved by those who want to rejoice in the simpler pleasures of life like taking a walk or sitting by the ocean, Marina beach marks its territory as the second longest urban beach in the world. Followed by Mahabalipuram where the beach meets the Bay of Bengal and which is also a popular hub for lovers of adventure water activities. Furthermore, Rameshwaram is famous for its spiritual importance equivalent to the revered Kasi River whereas the beholders of beauty pay a visit to sight the blend of Arabian Sea, Indian ocean and Bay of Bengal at Kanyakumari beach.

All in all, these beaches are counted among the top beaches for family vacation in South India.From here onwards the way further lead you to other beaches namely Dhanushkodi beach popular for the Adam's Bridge and Ram sethu view point; Silver beach, which is one of the kids friendly beaches in Tamilnadu where the little ones can enjoy the topsy turvy camel ride accompanied by Golden beach, known for spending some time with your loved ones as they both are best beaches for honeymoon couples.During your holiday in Tamilnadu you will get to know that most of these must visit places are used as a way to earn via fishing, some as tourist attractions and the rest as pilgrimage sites. As for the location, these beaches are tucked with some of the best tourist destinations in Tamilnadu like Rameshwaram, Chennai and southern stretch of the state itself. Moreover, the beaches also open its arm to travellers for relishing water activities like diving, surfing, motor boating and many more. Another sweet addition in your vacation in Tamilnadu are the sea facing beach resorts and cafes that offer the best of delicacies served with the thought of kindness that you would miss eating on the authentic banana leaf in the blissful environs of Tamilnadu.

Popular Beaches in Tamil Nadu

  • Marina Beach

    Renowned as the world's second longest urban beach with a stretch of 13 kms, Marina beach is one of the top tourist attraction of Chennai running near the Fort St. George. Read more

  • Mahabalipuram Beach

    Dive into the sandy shores of Mahabalipuram where the surfers elate with joy at every wave and tourists totter through the mesmerising light tower and beautiful stone carved creations of the yester years. Read more

  • Kanyakumari Beach

    A paradise for wanderlust souls where just a look at the sunset settles good vibes in one's soul is the exact effect of Kanyakumari beach, the land's end of India. Read more

  • Covelong Beach

    Tucked on the Coromandel Coast of Bay of Bengal, Covelong beach with its shimmering white sand is a favourite amongst travellers who want to experience the tranquility of nature. Read more

  • Elliot's Beach

    Leave your imprints and connect your soul to the peaceful environs of Elliot's beach snuggled in Chennai, popularly known as the safest and cleanest beach which was named after Edward Elliot. Read more

  • Ariyaman Beach

    Located on the side of Palk Bay in Ramnathapuram District of Tamil Nadu, Ariyaman Beach is a serene beach ideal for picnics and short day trips. One can enjoy a wide range of water sports including windsurfing and parasailing. Read more

  • Kunthukal Beach

    A short distance away from Rameswaram, on the mainland is the pristine beach of Kunthukal. Known for its panoramic views and the sight of Pamban bridge and few islands, this beach is perfect to enjoy a day trip in Tamil Nadu. Read more

  • Dhanushkodi Beach

    Also known as Archal Munai, Dhanushkodi Beach is famed for its scenic and isolated charm. The endless stretch of blue water and extensive coral reef make it an ideal destination for any nature lover. Read more

  • Olaikuda Beach

    A major attraction of a fishing village of the same name, Olaikuda Beach is engulfed by stunning coral reef and is an abode of many birds. It is also home to the migratory birds like flamingos in the winter season. Read more

  • Pamban Beach

    The most popular beach of Rameswaram Island, Pamban Beach is pristine and is one of those places to be at awe of the majestic Pamban Bridge. The beach is mostly thronged by those who enjoy recreational activity of fishing. Read more

  • Sangumal Beach

    A perfect beach on Rameswaram Island which extends from the popular Agni Teertham to Olaikuda Village, Sangumal Beach is for those seeking some mental peace and tranquility amidst the pristine nature. Read more

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