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Balaramgadi Beach Odisha

Balaramgadi Beach in Odisha stays in the limelight for being one of the most thrilling beaches in the state. Crowd of youngsters is prominent here as the beach offers various water activities. Balaramgadi beach is situated at a distance of about two to three kilometers away from the well-known Chandipur beach in Odisha. The golden sandy beach and the seas tumultuous water make a great setting for a massive adrenaline rush for anyone who gets stimulated just by natures commotion.

Tourists who visit Chandipur beach make it a double affair with nature by exploring this beach too. One may think that the relatively crowded beach would not be an ideal choice for rejuvenating but this notion is actually wrong. The mesmerizing views of the sunset and sunrise can cast a magical spell on you and there are times when it is absolutely peaceful and provide you with the quintessential environs of a tranquil beach. The beach has a moderate weather so one can visit anytime.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

The uproar of the water currents just attracts all the water sports enthusiasts to take advantage of it and satisfy their desire for adrenaline whisking. Besides the strong stream, one can also explore the cultural aspect of the place by having a little chat with the fishermen whilst enjoying a ride on their boat.

  • Fishing

    The local fishermen are well equipped and can provide you everything from fishing net to ledgering set and are always ready to help a tourist out to make it an affair to remember.

  • Surfing

    The turbulent stream of water provides an excellent opportunity for the surfers to just rush and take out their buoyant board and enjoy the uncertainty of the divine nature.

  • Boating

    Again, the local fishermen at the beach are always happy to give tourists a ride in their boats and in exchange the visitors offer them a reasonable amount of money.

Top Tourist Attractions around the beach

Visiting a beach in Odisha and not taking time out for touring religious shrines and villages is not an option. Besides offering a unique amalgamation of thrilling and tranquil environs, this beach also offers interesting places around it to explore and excite your senses with the stories.

  • Balaramgadi Village

    The village is just 2 km away from the beach, so you can take a quick walk there while exploring the lanes and walls. Fishermen sell the fresh marine fish at a much cheaper price and the place is popular for sailing.

  • Panchalingeswar Shrine

    The hill of Nilgiri is the region where Panchalingeshwar is situated and alluringly covered with green foliage. The place is well known for its perennial stream as the 5 idols of Lord Shiva are kept there.

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