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Paradeep Beach Odisha

A popular port in Odisha, and commercial sea-port of the country, Paradeep, also boasts a pristine beach covering the mouth of crystal clear blue waters where people come especially for sunbathing and to observe the scenic sunset and sunrise. This beach is 94 kilometers from Cuttack, 125 kilometers from Temple city Bhubaneswar. It is at the assemblage of the Mahanadi River and the Bay of Bengal. Tourists visit the beach every year as a relaxation spot where they can de-stress themselves.

The cool breeze takes you to another world and adds more magic to the surrounding. Paradeep is famous for its green forest, blue waters and pebbles and beach rocks. Travellers who want to soothe their soul can spend the time frolicking in the lovely indigo water. The beach is also famous for Kalinga Baliyatra better known as Biju Maidan. It is a premier tourist destination in Odisha and located at a place that is significant for its history and culture.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

The amazing blue sky, calm sea water and scented breeze make up for a perfect recreation setting. A few regions of the beach have been identified as unsafe for swimming, so you must have to make yourself aware of the restrictions and follow the same for any water activities.

  • Surfing

    Although it is known for its calmness, but when it comes to channeling your inner daredevil, the enormous waves of the sea will succor you. The Shaka Surf Club is the closest club thatll assist you in this with their interesting bunch of Surfing Yogis.

  • Picnic & Relaxation

    A beach offering the best of nature should be admired with your loved ones. It also acts as a place that offers refreshment and helps you detox yourself from the materialism.

Popular Tourist Attractions around the beach

The beach known for its tranquility also provides other places to explore around it. Besides it being about a spiritual voyage for the pilgrims, the bag packers can undoubtedly spend some time beholding the remarkable wildlife creatures. The attractions also include a National Park and should be visited at least once.

  • Baladeva Temple

    Also known as Tulasi Kshetra, the temple is dedicated to Lord Baladeva. The temple is located at Kendrapara, which is also an important pilgrimage center. The beach is untouched and serene so the temple makes a great alternative to surround yourself with people.

  • Bhitarkanika National Park

    The National Park shelters a variety of species of animals and beautifully intertwined rivers and creeks where mangroves grow in large numbers. The park is spread over 36 square kilometers of the land. Read more

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