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Chandipur Beach Odisha

Chandipur, or Chandipur-on-sea, is a serene beach in the state of Odisha, near Balasore Village. As if the beach is already not enough to wonderstruck people, it is on the Bay of Bengal and is about 16 kilometers from the Baleswar Railway Station. It is quite well known and talked about but not because its a travel destination but because the beach doesnt look same at every time. Surprised right? Well yes, it is indeed true. The sea here recedes by as much as five kilometers3 miles-- every day during ebb tide and then comes back with its magic bringing horseshoe crabs and red crab during the high tide. And because of its one of a kind phenomenon, it is able to support its biodiversity and keeps it rich. Isnt it what nature is all about? Because of its unique event, the beach is also known as Odisha's Hide and Seek Beach.

It is ideal for the people who find solace in quiet places and want to spend some time away from all the hustle bustle of the city. It sure sounds like a dream getaway for the couples too who just want to lie down and look up in the sky. It is no doubt that a beach so tranquil and polished has also other attractions where you could just merely immerse your soul unconditionally and enjoy the true warmth of nature. From eating succulent crabs to witnessing receding of the sea to watching the sunset passionately, there are still so many wonders to observe and memorize. Chandipur is not very crowded or a commercialized one, which gives everyone an opportunity to explore the beach and relish the experience. This also keeps it super clean and offers a wonderful view to all the photographers out there.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

The beach offers an excellent opportunity for all the sea food lovers as one can tickle their taste buds with delectable food services available. There is Chandipur Festival organized every year, so while youre appreciating the talent from around the world, you can also get high on the mouthwatering sea food.

  • Luscious Seafood

    This pristine beach has some of the most mouth-watering sea-foods to offer. The beach shacks leave no stone unturned to provide you with their famous seafood dishes at very affordable rates. Dont forget to engage all your senses at your date night by ordering some Odia-style deep fried prawns and pomfrets.

  • Chandipur Beach Festival

    If you want to indulge yourself in the mesmerizing rhythmic art called dance, then you should visit the beach in January/February. Chandipur beach festival, otherwise called Golden Beach Festival, is a standout amongst the most commended celebrations of the region. The four-day extravaganza hosts a variety of cultural program including the regional dance styles. Various sports activities are also organized in which zealous locals participate.

Top Tourist Attractions Around the Beach

From famous pilgrim filled temples to markets filled with traditional garments and eateries to missile launching site, one can explore many places around the famed Chandipur Beach.

  • The Khirachora Gopinath Temple

    The temple is situated in Remuna, a small town 9 km east of Balasore and about halfway between Howrah and Bhubaneswar. The name of the temple is dedicated to Krishnas love for milk and milk products- "Khirachora" in Odia means Stealer of Milk and Gopinatha means the Divine Consort of Gopis.

  • Integrated Test Range of the Indian Army

    A dedicated region of the beach is a certified missile launching site for the Indian Army under the Defense Research and Development Organization. ITR has launched Akash, Surya, Agni and Prithvi ballistic missiles from here. What a marvelous combination of placidity and exhilaration.

  • Sunarpur Chhak

    If you cant resist traditional delectable Indian sweets, then Sunarpur is worth a visit. The market is lined with different kinds of regional sweets. Local handicrafts will also steal your heart with their intricate and classical patterns.

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