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Beach Tourism in West Bengal

The state of West Bengal is bestowed with a rich geographical diversity. While on the one end are the mighty Himalayas, the other end is bordered by the gorgeous waters of the Bay of Bengal and several estuaries of the holy River Ganga, that are home to an endless number of unspoilt beaches and resorts.

Water lovers are sure to have a great time visiting the undulated coastline of the “Digha Beach”, undoubtedly the most popular sea resort of West Bengal, located just 187 km south of Kolkata. Dotted with pristine scenery and calm waters, the beach is a delight for all those looking to soak in some sun and sand. The gorgeous hill resort is divided in two sections – Old Digha, which is constantly abuzz with tourist activity, lined with souvenir stalls and food shacks, selling crisp fried snacks direct off the wok. On the contrary, New Digha is a quaint hideaway offering peace and serenity, away from the maddening crowds. The place’s sheer seclusion, tranquil ambience and magical sunrise, also makes it a perfect spot for nature lovers, couples and honeymooners alike.

Just about 40 km from Digha sits another famous beach resort of West Bengal, the beautiful “Junput Beach”. Its picture perfect coastline lined with casuarina trees, and the contrasting blue waters, attract a lot of weekenders and picnickers from the neighbouring towns. The place, besides offering tranquil vibes, also serves as the home to a number of tourist attractions. Travellers must visit the renowned “marine biology research museum” to gain an insight into the fascinating marine culture. There is also a magnificent lighthouse in the vicinity, which provides a panoramic view of the city’s azure skyline.

Just at the northern end of the Bay of Bengal, in the East Midnapore district, lies another must visit and well known beach destination of West Bengal, the popular “Mandarmani Beach”. Known for its azure waters and the spectacular views it offers of the dazzling sunset, it is quite famous amongst honeymooners and romantic couples alike, offering them a quiet time away from the bustling city crowds. A long walk along the shore watching the sun go down the sea is simply a magical spectacle, and leaves every quixotic heart with one of the most romantic experiences for life.

Just in case, you are amongst those looking for some water adventure during your trip to West Bengal, about 20 km from Mandarmani Beach lies the “Tajpur Beach”. The unique inverted crescent-shaped beach is a recently discovered tourist destination, which has gained rapid popularity owing to its plethora of water adventure activities. Snorkelling, surfing, parasailing, jet-skiing, ATV rides, bungee-trampoline, banana boat rides and rock-climbing are some of the most popular sports here. One of the most unexplored beaches in the state, Tajpur is also famed for its crimson red crabs. All over the beach, especially in the mornings during low tide, you will surely get a sight of these brave little creatures swarm down the sands. Tajpur is also a paradise for foodies.

Several small makeshift eateries dot the waterfront in the evening which provide fresh seafood to visitors. In case you are keen on staying near these tranquil beaches edging the Bay of Bengal, there are plenty of hotels and villas that make your holidays in West Bengal a memorable experience.

Bakkhali beach is another famous beach located on one of the many deltaic islands spread across south Bengal. Most of these islands are a part of the Sunderbans. It is the most popular beach in the region and leaves every visitor pleasantly surprised with its surreal natural charm and pristine vibes. A walk along its 8 km shoreline lined with mangroves is an experience in itself. What makes this gorgeous sea resort even more special is its unique south facing crescent shaped shoreline that offers great views of both the sunset and sunrise. Those wanting to take a splash in the turquoise waters here can do so without any worries, as the waves are immensely calm and provide for a safe ambience for even kids to dive in.

From Bakkhali, tourists may visit “Frazerganj”, which is a 7 km long tranquil resort situated at the edge of the fishing village. A rickshaw van is the only local transport available, and is sure to leave them with a unique countryside experience. A beach itinerary along the Sunderbans delta is incomplete without a trip to yet another popular beach of the region, “Sagardwip Beach”. Also known as the ‘Ganga Sagar Beach’, the clean and virgin sea resort, overlooking the estuary of River Ganga, is fringed with thick casuarina trees that create a magical contrast against the white sands, making it a visual delight. It attracts countless travellers every year not only by its calm and soothing vibes, but also by the mesmerizing views it offers of the sunset. January, in particular, is its busiest month, as thousands of devotees arrive to take a holy dip in the Ganges to seek salvation and ward off their sins. Another highlight of Sagardwip Beach is the ‘Ganga Sagar Fair’, which is recognized as the second most attended cultural fairs of India after the famous Kumbh Mela.

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