Kihim Beach Maharashtra

Emerging during the time of Sarkhel Kanhoji Aangre back in the 17th century BC, Kihim grew up to form a part of Ashtagare (eight villages). Known for a relatively heavy downpour during the monsoons, Kihim is well-off with its brochure-blue sea and serried rows of palm and coconut trees besides being one of the popular beaches.

Formerly known as ‘Bird Watchers Paradise’, Kihim still offers a host of extrinsic species of birds and thick foliage of trees. Kankeshwar temple is one amongst the many famous attractions in Kihim which assures absolute divinity upon the arrival. The 300 year old fort of Kolaba stands out for its intricate carvings, shrines of local godheads and a tank full of sweet water in the center of its premises. The beach of Varsoli is a less frequent tourism place, boasting of its cerulean-blue sea and the swelling waves followed by the unpolluted beach. Formerly built on the tiny island of 1678, the fort of Khanderi is accessed via boats.

Perched on the soaring hills with an elevated height of 1357ft above sea level, visiting the Sagargadh hill-fort to witness the beautiful waterfall during the season of monsoons is one amongst the things to do . The high walls of Hirakot fort are its main attraction besides gaining importance for the tale that follows about Kanhoji keeping his treasure safe here. Relevant for being one of the 13 famous watchtower dating its origin back to the year 1904, the magnetic observatory was exclusively built with stone sans any steel. Covered in rich verdure, the Shri Datta Temple is a talked about hill-shrine. Formerly known as Nandigram, the village of Sri Siddhivinayaka draws a thousand pilgrims for the annual festival of Maghi Chaturthi. Devoted to the loving memory of Queen Victoria by the recent Nawab of Sir Siddi Ahmed Khan, the Garambi town supplies water to the entire town and is a best place to enjoy the nature that reins in absolute blithe.

Kihim Beach Maharashtra

Rested on the island, and initially known as Padmadurg, Kasa fort comprises of six citadels and is one amongst the famous tourist places. The beautiful beach resorts held out by the Kihim beach, enables you with the most comfortable holidays. Located on the way to the seac, these beach resorts make sure you experience the best beach holidays coupled with all the contemporary amenities followed by the commanding view of the seashore and authentic sea-food delicacies.

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