Velas Beach Maharashtra

Home to beautiful Olive Ridley turtles, Velas is one of the popular beaches in the district of Ratnagiri. Sharing close proximity with the Bankot bay, Velas is graced with the presence of an age old temple devoted to Shri Bhairi Rameshwar which is frequented by pilgrims from across the world who claims to attain ultimate salvation upon their visit to the temple.

When in Velas, the temple resided by Goddess Lakshmi and the house belonging to Nana Phadnis are some of the important attractions.

Known for the unexampled travail of the locales to preserve the regional wildlife of the Oliver Ridley Turtles that have shown a daunting increase in their species growth, the placid beach of Velas gifts you with the opportunity to light upon the innumerable turtle hatchings that scuttle towards the raging foamy waves of the ocean. Well acclaimed for being the breeding ground of this endangered species of turtles, Velas had been successful in hosting a turtle festival that earned worldwide.

Fixed few kilometers away from Velas, Ganesh Gully is one amongst the best tourism places in the state of Maharashtra, besides the Temple Pradakshin - Kalbhairavi templ, Bagmandal, Bankot fort, Diveagar, Jeevnabandar, Bharadkol and Shrivardhan are some of them. The square fort of Bankot was formerly known as Man Gor or Mandargiri back in the 1st century AD and is frequented for the whittled arch and intricate carvings. The sudden discovery of a Ganpati idol made of gold and embellished in ornaments from a local farm, made the quaint village of Diveagar quite famous. One finds the decrepit fort of Pan Buruj on the way to Velas from the quaint village of Bankot which presently serves as the watch guard of Bankot fort and is indisputable one of the must visit places.

Tours in Velas is incomplete without a short visit to Jeevnabandar rose to fame, for being one of the famous auction sites for the fishermen. Visiting the auction is surely one of the things to do in Velas along sides going out in the undisturbed beach of Velas to capture the rich paradisiacal views coupled with the rich verdure and the majestic hills that girdle the beach.

Velas Beach Maharashtra

Velas provides you with the best of beach resorts that boasts of the mesmerizing view it offers of the unperturbed beach, the swaying coconut trees followed by the sumptuous seafood. Located along the beach, these resorts hold out all the modish amenities, followed by the rich biodiversity that prevails inside the complex.

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