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Arambol Beach Goa

Information About Arambol Beach Goa

One of the most beautiful beaches in North Goa, Arambol or Harmal Beach is a must-see on your holiday in the state. The beach has a distinct Bohmenian and laid-back vibe, probably because it was once a popular hippie beach in Goa. Arambol a silvery sand beach that also has rocks making it look quite stunning. It is also one of the greenest beaches in Goa.

Arambol Beach is a perfect place for taking Yoga classes. The beach also has a drum circle; a weekend beachside market; and a mystical baba sitting on top of a hillock. One can enjoy adventure sports like paragliding in Arambol or simply stroll about the market lanes. At one end of the beach is a sweet water Paliem Lake, which is a must-see attraction at Arambol. Another not to miss place is the The Banyan Tree, where the members of the popular band, The Beatles once meditated.

The beach is also known for its festivals like Arambol Festival or Freak Festival in February; Arambol World Music Festival and The Tantra Festival in January.

Top Things to Do in and around Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach
  • Yoga & Reiki : There are few Yoga and Reiki training centres at Arambol Beach that offer long and short-term courses.
  • Shopping : In the peak season, a beach side flea market is set up which is managed mostly by the Russians. One can find musical instruments, jewellery, and several other things. There is a street market on the road leading up to the beach.
  • Fire Show : Almost every shack at Arambol Beach organizes fire shows and fireworks in the evenings. There is also bonfire where people sit and drinks & eat. There is Jimba music too and the sunset Drum Circles of Arambol are quite popular in Goa.
  • Paragliding : Arambol beach is one of the best places in Goa for paragliding. One can fly from the Arambol Mountain and have the bird-eye view of the shoreline, sea, and the interiors.
  • Watch a Sunset : The Arambol Mountain is the best place to see sunsets; the only thing is one has to walk up to the mountain. There is another trail that crosses the hill, and reaches up to the lake on the other side. There are some viewpoints along this trail as well.
  • Surfing : There is a surfing club at Arambol beach that offers surfing lessons. One can also hire equipment from the surfing club if already know how to surf.

Accommodation Options in Arambol Beach

Accommodation Arambol Beach Goa

Since the locals campaigned against the commercialization of Arambol Beach, no luxury/5-star properties can be found here. Accommodation in Arambol Beach is available in the form of beach huts, cottages, home stays, guest houses, and villas. The prices of the hotels are cheaper than most other beaches in Goa.

Other Important Travel Information About Arambol Beach

Arambol Beach Goa

Best Time to Visit Arambol Beach

The best time to Visit Arambol Beach is between October and March when the weather is quite pleasant. The months of January and February are quite nice since during this time, one can attend the festivals like Arambol Festival or Freak Festival; Arambol World Music Festival; and The Tantra Festival.

How to Reach Arambol Beach?

Arambol Beach is situated at a distance of about 36 km from Panaji. Taxis and auto-rickshaws are readily available for Arambol Beach from Panaji. One can also take a bike/scooter on rent from any part of the state to reach Arambol. In order to reach the main beach area, one has to walk down some distance leaving the vehicle at the parking.

Tourist Attractions to See in and around Arambol Beach

  • Kalacha Beach
  • Paliem Lake
  • The Banyan Tree

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