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Aryapalli Beach Odisha

If you want to witness the striking waves of current every now on a beach with its embracing climate, then the beach at Aryapalli is one of the most magnificent beaches in Odisha known for its tranquility that you should visit. The beach is 30 km from Berhampur and 6-km from Chhatrapur. A true nature lover can see the beach as an escape from the maddening crowd in the city. You can enjoy the picturesque scenery with your loved ones and if youre planning on staying

there for a longer period of time then you can reach the nearest accommodation facilities at Berhampur that is 28 km away and 12 km away in Gopalpur. The coastline of Aryapalli Beach falls in the rain-shadow of the region so you dont have to worry about the inclement weather during your visit. The tourists can enjoy a sunbath on the clean golden sandy beach of the placea perfect and effortless spa for your body.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

One can enjoy at this place with its crystal clear deep blue water and gigantic but endurable waves and can sit amidst the peaceful and enticing vicinity. There is no doubt that the beach, where you can please your eyes with the glorious views of sunset and sunrise, offers a lot to enjoy.

  • Surfing

    The salubrious weather and harsh waters towards the interior provide a great atmosphere for adventure lovers to calm their animal instinct. The strong currents wont disappoint any surfers for sure.

  • Swimming

    Amidst the green casuarina plantations on the beach while enjoying some quality time in the lap of nature, one can also take advantage of the briny cavernous sea plunging deeper into it and dive down towards the corals.

Popular Tourist Attractions around the beach

The serenity of the beach offers an ideal setting for every nature lover. Unlike most of the beaches, your solace wont be fragmented by the food vendors or craftsman. Hence, if you want to experience the daily commotion of the place and its people, you may want to visit villages nearby.

  • Sand Mineral Project

    After youre done getting fascinated by the mesmerizing colour-play in the sky during sunrise and sunset, Sand mineral project lies in the vicinity and an attraction that cannot be missed at any cost.

  • Fishermen Village

    Youll not find any vendors hounding you on the shore and thats why if it also interests you, you can acquaint yourself with social and cultural aspects of the lives of these fishermen.

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