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Gopalpur Beach Odisha

Gopalpur is a town with colourful houses and people who love eating fish a little more than others. It was once a commercial port but now it is a famous sea beach and a dream destination for people who are born to travel. Touching the border of Andhra Pradesh and situated on the Bay of Bengal coast, Gopalpuris 16 km away from the commercial hub of southern Odisha, Brahmapur/Berhampur. The beach where the time stands still and where everyone just wants to take a moment and breathe, offers a perfect getaway in Odisha.

Gopalpur was the haunt of elites during British Raj and also has its relation to Kalinga Dynasty. Touted as one of the cleanest and the bluest beaches of Odisha, the pristine land is a great option for anyone whos looking to unwind. Amidst Palms, Coconut and Casuarina trees, the sandy beach is filled with stalls selling different artifacts made from shells as souvenirs and food shacks where you can sit and admire the beauty of the sea.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

Gopalpur beach is an ideal choice for anyone who enjoys water sports. The beach is fairly isolated and remains undisturbed by people, offering a great chance to spend as much as time as one wants underwater exploring the eye-pleasing corals with the entourage of crystal clear Adam's ale.

  • Wind Surfing & Scuba Diving

    With its magical backwaters, come magical aqua sports. If you are a nature-lover and also want to experience it undauntedly, then whats better diving deep into the waters and let the adrenaline hit you?

  • Paddle Boat

    If youre planning to immerse yourself in this beauty with your family or your loved one, then dont forget to take a paddle boat ride and enjoy the calmness of the sea.

  • Water Scooter

    If youre traveling solo and are quite adventurous, then water scooter will definitely fulfill your desire. And its not just this, some of the other major sports, activities and fun rides are also provided for tourists as well as professionals.

Popular Tourist Attractions Around the Beach

Gopalpur offers several aqua sports for all the daredevils but besides being a beach that is popular for offering extreme sports services, it also offers excellent serene places for the pacific travellers. After youre done with your expedition to and on the beach, you can head out to this place.

  • Public Park Gopalpur

    Just 10 mins away from the beach, is one of the famous attractions around the beach known for its tranquil and noiseless setting. You can find yourself girdled with deer, migratory birds and lush evergreens.

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