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The vibrant state of Odisha marks the tourist map for its eclectic combination of natural and cultural attractions. This pilgrim-cum-traveller haven attracts scores of tourists for its breathtaking wonders. But a lesser known feature that often goes unheeded is the striking shoreline that stretches across a distance of 400 kilometres. Sharing its coastal front with the Bay of Bengal, Odisha is home to some of the best beaches on the country's east coast. The spotlight doesn't hit its shoreline with as much brilliance as its architectural wonders. But nothing spells beach paradise better than the calm waters and golden beaches of Odisha's un-dramatised shoreline. For instance, the blue waters of the Rushikulya and the Astarang Beaches transport you to a world of complete bliss. Offering picturesque views of radiant sunsets, these untouched beaches are the perfect holiday spot and a delight for all nature lovers and photo enthusiasts. Similarly, the quiet and composed shores of the Aryapalli Beach come with a perfect blend of sand and surf. The fortifying climate and virtual absence of noisy crowds make this beach a must visit getaway for those in search of some solitary bliss. The mystical beaches of Bhitarkanika and Paradeep are other options where you can unwind and indulge in some sun-filled serenity during a family vacation. While the soft sands tickle your feet and the sun's rays radiate across the horizon, you can enjoy enthralling views of lush greenery and fishermen picking their catch of the day.

The tranquillity felt here cannot be encapsulated in a series of words but must be experienced and explored in person. Another magical phenomenon that vast shoreline has in store for you is the colourful display of transcendental lights at the Astharanga Beach. As the beach brightens up the horizon with hues of crimson reds, golden yellows and peachy orange, the sky appears to be a theatrical canvas of colours. The spectacular sunrises and sunsets are a cause for celebration and a bewildering spectacle for all nature lovers. While nature enthusiasts have an array of options to choose from, adventure junkies can take try their hand at some surfing and sailing at the unexplored and untouched Gopalpur Beach. Popularly regarded as a sailor's paradise, activities on this Odisha beach is apt for some fun in the sun.

Odisha's shoreline has something for every traveller, but the biggest crowd-pleaser that has remained an all-time favourite and a must visit on holidays is Puri Beach. Whether it's swimming, fishing, picnicking or simply strolling down the sugary sands, encounters with nature are sure to keep you infused with utmost serenity at this tourist destination. Odisha's beaches may not top the chart on the most popular beaches in the country, but their surreal beauty is sure to leave you spellbound.

Explore Popular Beaches in Odisha

  • Chandipur Beach

    The only beach in the world where the sea water gets disappeared, literally! This pristine beach is a great place to refresh and relax while on an Odisha excursion. Read more

  • Gopalpur on Sea

    Flowing in the vast Bay of Bengal, Gopalpur on Sea makes for an endearing backdrop away from the chaotic mainland. Ideal for sailing and surfing, the beach is a quick getaway in Odisha for all the fun seekers. Read more

  • Puri Beach

    Probably the sacred most beach in East India is Puri Beach. White sand, pristine water, and devotees plunging into the sea water to purify their soul make a perfect view to spend a day here. Read more

  • Aryapalli Beach

    Calling out all the fun seekers, here is finally something to get your pulse racing - Aryapalli Beach. Flocked with tourists, it is an ideal place to indulge in some activities like swimming, surfing, and sunbathing. Read more

  • Ramchandi Beach

    Situated on the confluence of Kushabhadra River and Bay of Bengal, the beautiful Ramchandi Beach along with the sedating ambiance, long water stretch, and silvery sand make this place a hangout hub for couples, students, picnickers. Read more

  • Astaranga Beach

    One of the great things to do in Odisha is to relish the surreal sunset view at Astaranga Beach. Also known as the fishing centre in Puri, the beach is perfect to catch some eternal natural beauty. Read more

  • Beleswar Beach

    A popular place to visit, Beleswar is an extremely scenic beach situated on the mouth of Nua Nai River. Have an indelible time here by indulging into water activities or by adoring the impeccable sunrise or sunset views. Read more

  • Paradeep Beach

    One of the most popular ways of beating the scorching summer heat is to rush to stunning Paradeep Beach. Famous for its indigo water and tranquil surrounding, the place is a scenic destination ideal for a romantic vacation. Read more

  • Talasari Beach

    While Talasari Beach looks like any other beach in India, the experience is quite unmatchable. The oscillating cashew trees, pristine golden sands, and azure water waves make Talasari a perfect stopover for that unforgettable holiday time in East India. Read more

  • Balaramgadi Beach

    Presenting an interesting and amazing family hotspot in Odisha, Balaramgadi Beach. Be ready to soak up the sun and to rejuvenate yourself in the calm and gentle water of the sea. Read more

  • Baliharachandi Beach

    Prodigious sea, long golden sand stretches, sedating environ, and pleasant weather altogether boasts a picturesque landscape of Baliharachandi Beach. The splendid beach of Baliharachandi is counted amongst the most charming beaches in India. Read more

  • Pati Sonapur Beach

    A hidden solitaire in every aspect, the Pati-Sonapur Beach has the power to rejuvenate your senses and give you an enduring vacation time amidst its untouched beauty and mind-boggling surrounding. Read more

  • Balighai Beach

    "Outlandish and untouched" is the best way to describe the Balighai Beach. Located some 17 km from Puri, this beautiful beach is adorned with casuarina trees, neverending white sand stretch, and pristine ambiance to proffer a long-lasting holiday experience. Read more

  • Chandrabhaga Beach

    In the district of Puri, there is located the coruscating Chandrabhaga Beach. Famous for holding the traditional and cultural identity of Odisha, the beach is a not-to-miss attraction in Odisha. Read more

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