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Paradise Beach Pondicherry

A relaxing vacation at a beach is something which is perhaps the most enduring experience one can have. At Paradise Beach, this experience gets even more surreal with choice of benefits this place offers to its visitors. Chunnambar is the official name of the Paradise Beach which is known by very few tourists; the beach has got the name ‘Paradise’ because of its tranquil and peaceful setting that perfectly depicts the meaning of its name. Besides, another reason behind Chunnambar Beach getting name Paradise is its beautiful location; one has to undergo a boat ride from the mainland of Pondicherry in order to reach Paradise Beach.  is also known by the name Chunnambar, however, people Touted as one of the most serene beaches in Pondicherry, Paradise Beach is amongst those perfect locations in the region where one can have some unforgettable holiday time either relishing the taste of seafood or swimming in the water or relaxing at the shore or getting sunbathing.

It’s the glistering water, golden sand, palm trees, and restaurant shacks that make Paradise Beach altogether a perfect beach setting for tourists. If you are on a group tour to Paradise Beach, you can also opt to play volleyball for more enthralling beach encounters; all you just have to do is ask a friendly staff for the ball. If volleyball is not your thing and you love to get lazy at the beach then a beach chair or a hammock is surely your spot to relish your time at Paradise Beach. Besides, another thing that make Paradise beach one of the most popular tourist sites in Pondicherry is the golden sand which much finer and softer than that of other beaches of the region. Along with that, laid-back restaurants and wellness centres are the places that also play a significant part in ensuring an unforgettable day-outing to Paradise Beach.

Opening/Closing Timing

All Days

Entry Fee

No Entry Fee. You have to pay a certain fixed amount to hire a boat in order to reach Paradise Beach.

Best Time to Visit

Whether you want to just relax at the shore of the beach while relishing the surreal views of the surrounding or wish to play in the water, winter without any doubt is the best time to visit Paradise Beach. Commences in the month of October and lasts till March, the winter season enjoys cool, calm and pleasant weather conditions that remain ideal for tourism.

Besides, a lot of tourists also travel to the beach in the summer season to get rid of the blistering heat by taking a dip in the water and also to enjoy the scenic beauty of the region.

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