Ganpatipule Beach Maharashtra

The gateway to rich verdure, impressive countryside, and the diversified culture of Maharashtra, Ganapatipule is one amongst the popular beaches. Exasperated on an utterance of a local lady, Ganpati repositioned himself to Pule from his actual homestead in Gule which thereby came to be known as Ganpatipule in the later years.

Situated some 375 kilometers away from the city of Mumbai, the tranquil beach of Ganapatipule is fringed alluringly by the swaying palms and coconut trees coupled with the rich verdure and prepossessing flora. Known for the clean waters, Ganapatipule beach enjoys one of the most convivial weather all throughout, urging visitors to frequent the virgin beach with sheer gaiety.

Endowed in rich greenery, the quaint village of Velneshwar along the Shastri River, reins for the perfect serenity,enabling sheer bliss to the visitors. Flanked with the coconut trees, this village is one amongst the popular tourism places. The annual Maha-Shivratri fair observed by the village fascinates most visitors.

The birthplace of Keshavasuta, the village of Malgund hosts a museum filled with Maratha literature and a visit to this museum is indisputably the favorite things to do amongst all tourists besides a sojourn to the Jaigad Fort perched on a cliff, which owe its origination back to the 17th century offering a striking view of the sea coupled with the lively village life and witnessing the magnificent sunrise from the beaches of Ganapatipule.

Famed for the paradisiacal view and placidity that reigns over, the Pawas ashram helps you visit the bygone past with the remnants of the Swami Swaroopanand who once took the whole of Maharashtrian people in his confidence.

Nestled pretty on the seacoast of Konkan, the venerable Swayambhu Ganpati temple stands out for being one of the primal attractions of the beach and urges pilgrims from all across to frequent the temple for absolute benediction. The worshipped idol of Ganpati inside the temple which finds its origin 400 years back is said to face the west unlike other deities in the other temples that face the east.

Ganpatipule Beach Maharashtra

Besides being the gateway to sheer bliss and placidity, Ganapatipule offers some of the renowned beach resorts. Some takes pride in offering a commanding view of the tranquil beach from the soaring hill on which they are rested besides endowing you with majestic bungalows, varied modish amenities and easy access to its private seashore.

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