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Talasari Beach Odisha

When researching for the best beaches, one wants to descry the profuse flora and fauna, and also enjoy the moderate waves of the sea sheathing them on the shoreline. This is why one should visit Talasari beach. Located in the Baleswar district of Odisha, Talasari Beach is on the North Eastern coast of India. The name Talasari originated from the words, Tala meaning Palm and Sari meaning Row as the beach is flushed with an entourage of palm trees. Tala also means Rhythm denoting the sea waves that swathe the shore. The vast stretch that covers Talasari beach also touches Udaipur beach at the end. This one of its kind beach in Odisha is relatively windy and known to play hide and seek with people as when the stream is brimming, the only way to reach the main beach is via a boat and other times it offers the dry riverbed to walk across.

Situated in Baleswar area of Odisha and at a separation of 10 Km from Digha close to both the Subarnarekha River and the sea, the Talasari shoreline is unblemished, quiet and is gifted with an astounding setting. Also called a virgin beach, it is surrounded by coconut and cashew trees, and known to be the last beach on the northeastern coast of Odisha. Talasari is also a river bank of Subornorekha river that later merges into the Bay of Bengal. Also known as a fishermans paradise as it doesnt experience many tourists, it gives the people who find this hidden treasure an innumerable number of reasons to explore and experience their beach in their own ways.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

The most amazing part of Talasari Beach is its backwaters which provide great opportunity to the souls who want to enjoy the splendid view of this beach in a calm and relaxed water ride. So while the adventurous souls are plunging deep in the sea, you can quickly get into a boat with your partner and appreciate the panorama.

  • Boat Ride

    You can enjoy the boat ride on this pristine beach in its super clean backwaters as well as on the main beach. But you have to cross the backwater to reach the seashore.

  • Swimming

    Take your own time and luxuriate your senses by diving deep into the freshwaters and collecting yourself not just physically but also mentally. But one must be careful as the beach also encompasses red crabs that amble around.

Popular Tourist Attractions around the beach

Apart from the lush greenery this beach offers to the visitors for a perfect unwinding procedure, it also has other attractions that one can explore after they are done witnessing fishermen catching their fishes. If you have an inclination towards seafood, then exploring nearby places of Talasari Beach is a must.

  • The Science Centre

    A travel enthusiast who is also a science enthusiast would love visiting the place as it blows you away with the mechanisms that they show practically. It is just 5.6 km away from the beach.

  • Marine Aquarium

    Once a research center, it is now another major public attraction that you would want to explore. It is just a few kilometers away from the beach where you can see different species of fishes and sea animals.

  • Lankeshwari Temple

    Undoubtedly, when visiting a beach in Odisha, one should also traverse these religious places. One such place is Lankeshwari temple, which is at a distance of 8 km from the beach.

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