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Serenity Beach Pondicherry

Pioneering the tourism scene in Pondicherry is the Serenity Beach. With exotic surrounding and serene ambiance, Serenity Beach is surely a not to miss tourist attraction in Pondicherry. Be it a family vacation or a solo trip or a group excursion this beautiful beach is the place to be for different kinds of travellers exploring Pondicherry. The chaste shoreline of Serenity Beach in Pondicherry, dotted with swathed golden sands and glistening water, boasts a perfect setting to laze away your day. The term ‘Serenity’ has wisely chosen which perfectly suits its quality of being unique, pacific and enthralling. And if you are looking out for that perfect serene coastal destination in South India to plan your honeymoon, you can consider Serenity Beach to be the place of that similar category. Along with that, the beach is also a haven for nature lovers as it has adorned with palm trees all at the long stretch of its shore which also helps cool the place.

The beautiful setting of Serenity Beach also includes fishing boats that remain parked on the shore; children do somersaults from the deck of the boat into the water which is a stunning sight in itself. On top of that, as the waves get bigger and better, a lot of visitors can also be seen showcasing their skills of surfing. If you want to learn some skills of surfing there is a surf school which can help you. Besides swimming and surfing, sunbathing is also a prominent thing to do at Serenity Beach that people loved to indulge in while being here. Serenity Bazaar is the major highlight of this beach in Pondicherry, however, this market is only set up on weekend. On a whole, Serenity Beach is one of those few tourist places in Pondicherry which you can’t afford to ignore at any cost while vacationing in the city.

Opening/Closing Timing

All Days from Sunrise to Sunset

Entry Fee

No Entry Fee

Best Time to Visit

Like most of the beaches in Pondicherry, the best time to visit Serenity Beach is also the winter season. Marks the beginning in the month of October and continues until March, the winter season is the most pleasant time of the year to explore the attraction of Pondicherry including the Serenity Beach because of cool and calm weather conditions.

Besides, a lot of tourists also prefer to visit the place between April to July in order to beat the scorching heat of the summer season by taking a dip into the soothing ocean water. However, apart from the swimming and surfing, nothing is at all comfortable and pleasant during this time at Serenity Beach; the sand of the beach remains too hot to stand on bare feet in the months of summer season.

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