Velneshwar Beach Maharashtra

While planning for beach holidays, one must consider one of the beautiful beaches in Maharashtra which is Velneshwar beach. This popular beach is an ideal place for enjoying nature along with sunbathing and swimming. The beach is located near the Velneshwar village and is a very quiet and peaceful place. The beauty of the place is more enhanced by the presence of fresh coconut trees and sea water which even makes hot afternoons pleasing and refreshing. Tourists can easily access this place via rail, road and airways as well.

During holidays in this beach, the greatest attraction would be to enjoy most of the time bathing in the sea water and lying down on the white sand. You can enjoy a lazy afternoon watching the waves run through and sipping on coconut water which is a must to be had while on a visit to the beach. The place is not much crowded and one can enjoy solitude here amidst the greenery and beauty of the beach. The beach is very clean and maintained in a proper way.

Apart from spending time on the beach there are many other things to do at Velneshwar. One can visit the temples that are located near the beach one of which is the Velneshwar temple which is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Tourists often visit this temple on the auspicious day of Maha Shivratri for taking blessings. Then we have the Dashabhuja Ganesh Mandir at Hedvi which is located near Velneshwar. This sacred temple is also often visited by tourists during their travel to this village. Some of the other tourist attractions here include the Anjanwale Fort, the Laxmi Narayan temple, the Uma Mahesh Mandir and the Vyaghrambary Mandir.

During your tour to this beach you can never miss out the chance to taste the authentic Konkani cuisine and indulge in a feast on sea foods which includes salmon, prawns, pomfret and Mackerel.

Velneshwar Beach Maharashtra

It is a perfect weekend getaway for those who are always in a hectic schedule in their daily life and would like to laze a few days along the Konkan coast. The charm of the beach imparts peace to one’s mind and soul and rejuvenates inner strength. As for accommodation the city has many beach resorts for tourists to spend their vacation. There are also many budget friendly hotels and government lodgings for visitors. Winters are the best time to enjoy vacation here when the weather remains cool and pleasant.

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