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Pati-Sonapur Beach Odisha

Unblemished golden sand, immaculate stretch with an entourage of lush foliage, shrubbery sprawl in the backdroptheres a reason why its called virgin and pristine beach of Odisha. If youre embarking on the journey from Chennai or Calcutta, you can take the National Highway No.5 that bridge Pati-Sonapur beach making it just 4 km away from the starting point. Pati-Sonapur Beach falls under the category of beaches that are mostly untouched by the tourists and where the golden sand is still transcendent.

The beach is named as one of the most exquisite beaches on the East Coast primarily because it is a hidden treasure. It is situated right on the confluence of the river Bahuda and the Bay of Bengal. This shoreline was at one time the head shipping focal point of the area of Ichhapur during the end of the 18th century. The port is presently set apart with demolished segments and custom houses that was once an attraction on the beach. It is known for its virginity, colourful water and tranquility.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

The beach is isolated so it provides a perfect setting for the people who like to stay away from the crowd and enjoy their own company while embracing the nature in its purest form. One can take a stroll, motorboat ride, eat a sandwich, and have a great conversation with the friends and the family, all in the lap of mother-nature.

  • Motorboat

    One can enjoy this scenic beauty in a motorboat engaging all the senses at once. You can cover the distance up to the junction of river and Bay of Bengal, whilst enjoying a magnificent view.

  • Picnic

    Have a great time with your family or friends on this enchanting beach with hands full of snacks and masala chai. The picturesque magnificence of the place is basically enchanting.

Popular Attractions around the Beach

Though you cannot find any renowned attractions around the beach, it is still like a dream come true for the religious ones as the beach is encircled by the temples. From goddess Bhagvati to Shiva temple to Devi Khambeswari to Baidyanath, it will take a day or two to cover each temple.

  • Jatesingha

    The temple is located at a distance of 7 km away from the beach. Jatesingha shrine in Bhimarajpur is the birthplace of BhimBhoi, an unmistakable nineteenth-century writer and a publisher of Mahima Cult.

  • Shiva Temple

    The Shiva temple is just 2 km away from the beach and is situated in the nearby village Champmal. It is recommended that one must visit Champshevara Shiva Temple there.

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