Harnai Murud Beach Maharashtra

It is nestled pretty in the district of Ratnagiri at Dapoli Taluka, the unfathomed beaches of Harnai and Murud are amongst the popular beaches and are all about the far-reaching resplendent and poised waterfronts besides being one of the renowned tourism places in the state of Maharashtra. The earthshine-gold dipped seashore is beautified by the trail of historical forts like Suvarnadurg, Goa and Kanakdurg.

The popular beaches of Harnai and Murud earn most of the plaudits for the sea forts that gracefully encircling them. The historical sea-fort of Suvarnadurg with all its remnants of history awaits your visit and the experience one attains upon its sojourn is unparallel. Positioned on the littoral of the mighty Arabian sea, the other two forts of Goa and Kanakdurg are of equal importance like Suvarnadurg and deserves all your awe. Proudly facing the sea, the fort of Goa shelters a tiny manor.

Graced with the local godhead, the quaint village of Murud is stationed some 14 kilometers from the place of taluka and is wrapped in the sum and substance of history, besides topping the attraction list of a pilgrims for being home to the winsome temple of Goddess Durga, with carvings embodying perfection. The temple hypnotizes all the attention for the gorgeously carved out eight pillars of wood followed by ornamental slabs along sides the enormous bell dating its origin back in the rein of Chimaji Appa:the warrior of Maratha who brought it all along to commemorate his succession over Vasai. Located few kilometers away and supposedly blessed with all the happiness from Goddess Lakshmi, the intriguing Kelshi is worth all the admiration for the beauty of a place it is: enveloped alluringly by the majestic hills on all the three sides and the gem-blue ocean on the fourth

Visiting time-honored village of Murud is indisputably one of the things to do besides the boat ride to the fort of Suvarnadurg, unravelling venturesome hikes into the nearby forests and witnessing dolphins. This superannuated beach of Murud is girdled with the rich verdure and is watched over by the encircling hills.

Harnai Murud Beach Maharashtra

Beach holidays look dull and grim without proper beach resorts included in it. The popular beaches of Harnai and Murud offer a wide array of well off beach resorts, most of which are located on the banks of Konkan and earns the kudos for being beautifully adorned with the spectacular oceanfront coupled with the striking oscillation of the palm trees. Sharing close proximity with the seashore, these budgeted beach resorts dole out on the contemporary services besides absolute relaxation and placid nature walks into their nursed greenery.

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