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Astaranga Beach Odisha

Sandy beach with swimming and cooking options, a great nature center and attractions like stunning bird watching and witnessing the spectacular view of turtle nesting make Astaranga is an excellent, family-friendly destination that one can visit. One of the most popular beaches in Odisha, Astaranga lies on the Bay of Bengal coast in the Prachi Valley. The word literally means ‘colourful sunset’, a combination of two Odia words—Asta meaning sunset and ranga meaning colourful. It is 91 kilometers away from the Jagannath temple and 19 km far from Konark Sun temple. The beach attracts tourists as well as many photographers for its beauty.

The environs are picture perfect and also offer an unusual distinct view of the vibrant sunset, and this is why the beach is called a ‘photographer’s delight’. The beach caters to a small fish market that operates every morning. Because of its panoramic views, it attracts lots of visitors every year so you will always find the warmth of people around yourself. The beach is slightly different from other beaches in Odisha in terms of temperature, crowd and accommodation. There are no nearby resorts/places to stay if one is visiting and hence it forces you to find a shelter Puri, Konark or Bhubaneswar.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

With zero water activities available on Astaranga Beach, one has the option to bask or stroll on its pristine shore and enjoy rather different activities of catching a fish and grilling it fresh to consume right on the beach.

  • Fishing

    This one comes in handy as the place is primarily known as a fishing center of Puri. You can visit the beach early morning and pleasure your senses with fishermen and their loaded nets of fish.

  • Cooking

    One must think how come a beach offers cooking arrangements, but you’ll be surprised to know that it renders one of a kind service for this. The shopkeepers along the beach can provide everything that one needs for preparing a meal.

Top Tourist Attractions around the Beach

Unlike other beaches in Odisha, Astaranga beach has distinct attractions to offer to the tourists. If you’re prompted by history and its integration with a place, then you are surely going to love the place for this. With its beautiful name, the places around the beach also have beautiful experiences to offer.

  • Jahania Pir

    One can say that the beach and Jahania Pir is synonyms of each other. The Sufi shrine along the coastline attracts people from both Hindu and Muslim religions. Believers of the Baghdad saint story offer chaddar and seek blessings.

  • Olive Ridley Turtle Nest

    The Olive Ridley Turtles utilize the beach as their nesting spot and the view is just amazing and. If you want to witness this, visit the beach in winters.

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