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Baliharachandi Beach Odisha

Baliharachandi beach is one of the less explored beaches in Odisha, which makes it worthwhile for an exploration trip. The picturesque landscape on the beach makes it a top destination for any travel enthusiast. It is located 27 km away from the holy city of Puri. The vast stretch encompassing the golden sandy beach, turbulent sea waters, breezy weather and magnificent suburbia make it a magical beach of Odisha. The beach is thronged with casuarina trees and unblemished sand dunes, and together they form an enchanting setting.

Every travellers dairy is incomplete without visiting this beach once. For the ones who are not so fond of beaches jam-packed with people, this offers a great exception as it is fairly untouched and usually have little to no crowd. Like many other beaches in Odisha, it also offers a spectacular view of the sunset and sunrise. The beach away from the maddening crowded city and all the hustle and bustle offers a great opportunity for all the travellers who just want to play with the radiant sand and build mountains. You can discover many things on the beach itself whilst catching the fresh air and delighting your every sense.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

While water sports may be one of the activities people plan for while visiting a beach, why not intend to go for the recreations that will actually help you soothe your mind? Baliharachandi Beach makes for a perfect place to enjoy a picnic with a family or taking a stroll with a beloved.

  • Family Get-Together

    A perfect place for the families to get together and rekindle their relationship with one another. The cool breeze passing over the ears and the pleasant sound of the waters make a balmy weather.

  • Stroll

    Why not take a romantic stroll with your other half and fall in love again with each other and this unspoiled beauty? Couples can calmly enjoy each others company without the distractions from the crowd.

Top Tourist Attractions around the beach

Baliharachandi beach is surrounded by scenic places for sightseeing. There are also shrines and temples for the religious ones who just want to pay homage to the deity and spend some time strengthening their faith. One can have an amazing time trekking the hills and exploring unheard museums.

  • Baliharachandi Temple

    The temple is dedicated to the Eight-Armed (Asta-Bhuja) form of Goddess Durga and is located at a serene region on a sandy hill.

  • Chandaka Dampara Wildlife Sanctuary

    Known for its magnificence and perfectly home to numerous species, the Chandaka-Dampara century signifies a story of progress. The sanctuary is renowned for elephant preservation and it is also a habitat for chital deer, leopards, wild boars etc. Read more

  • Swami Parvananda Museum

    Situated on the Kutcheri road, Swami Parvananda Museum is one of the few attractions around the Baliharachandi Beach. It is an ideal place to visit if one is seeking more insight on Odisha and its history and culture.

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