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Balighai Beach Odisha

Want to traverse a beach that is lined up with nothing but fully hardy and evergreens? Then the beach at Balighai is situated at 8 km from the holy city of Puri. The magnificent views of the sunset and sunrise will cast a spell on you. An interesting fact about this beach is that the white sand actually glitters during full moon nights and hence called Balighai. The majority of the area is embedded with beautiful casuarina trees. It is one of the most widely recommended beaches in Odisha because of the fact that it is still undiscovered by many, so the novelty will surely be going to smite you.

Located off the Puri-Konark Marine Drive Road and situated at the mouth of Nuanai River, the scene of the quiet river streaming into the Bay of Bengal is an incredible sight. A thing to keep in mind is to carry your own food and essentials if youre traveling in the morning as you wont find many options available near the beach, but you can relish some local flavors available at the food shacks on the beach in the evening.

Top Things to Do on the Beach

Besides spending quality time with your family and friends, one can also splash into the virgin waters of the sea. Although parasailing and boating are the two common water sports for which the services are provided, you can also arrange for other water activities with the help of tourists and agents.

  • Parasailing

    Given the fact that the beach is fairly isolated without too many people flocking to it at the same time, it is quite interesting to find services for uncommon water sports like Parasailing.

  • Boating

    There are also boating facilities available on the beach for the tourists to explore the vast stretch and capture the panorama completely.

  • Bird Watching

    Many migratory birds can also be seen during winter months, so it is safe to say that beach gives you an eye pleasing opportunity to witness gorgeous feathery friends and wonderful specie of turtles.

  • Olive Ridley Sea Turtles

    From December and January, you may be able to witness the wonderful view of Olive Ridley sea turtles nesting as they pay a visit to the beach to lay eggs.

Popular Tourist Attractions around the Beach

Beaches in Odisha usually are encircled by a number of shrines, museums, hills and markets. For the Balighai Beach, it has something different to offer to you. The attractions could be found on the beach itself and in reality, these are actually the calling for the bag packers.

  • Balihirana Deer Sanctuary

    You can spot the endangered Balihirana antelope and Indian blackbucks at this nearby sanctuary but if youre lucky, you can sight the glorious deer at the forest fringing the beach but it is very rare now .

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