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Sundaridia Satra Barpeta

Sundaridiya Satra played a vital role in spreading Vaishnavism in Assam. Sri Madhabdeva stayed in this satra for about 14 years after establishing it. During his stay here the great saint dug a well which is still now preserved in this satra and the water from this well is considered to be very holy. It is also believed that if the devotees travelling here drink the holy water of this well then all their sins get washed away. The satra also preserves several items that were used by the guru even today to pay homage to the saint. This famous monastery of the Vaishnava sect has today turned into one of the most visited tourist places at Barpeta. Moreover, the art and architecture used in the interiors of the satra makes the place worth visiting.

Popular Things To Do & See Around

The simple and pious atmosphere of the Sundaridia satra allures the visitors the most. You will find that there are three Asanas that have been made in the satra for the three respectable Gurus of the institution. It is at this place that the Beer Nam and Paal Nam were created by the great saint. The two most popular epics composed by the guru which are the Namghosa and Bhakti Ratnakar are also being preserved in this holy place, which can be sighted by the visitors.

Getting There

The town also has a feasible network of local transportation system availing which one can easily reach this holy shrine. There are local cabs and taxis, auto rickshaws to move around the locales.

Best Time to Visit

Barpeta is a place in Assam which is visited by the tourists almost all round the year but the most favorable time to plan holidays here is during the months of October to January.

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