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Gorokhia Gosair Than, Niz Sariha Barpeta

It was Shrimanta Sankaradeva, who had turned the district of Barpeta, Assam into a place of great religious importance. Therefore there are a few well known religious places in this area, of which one is Gorokhia Gosair Than, Niz Sariha. A disciple of Shrimanta Sankaradeva, named Narayan Das Thakur Ata, who came to offer his respect to a ‘than’ or a place for the cow herd. Thus, the place was named Gorokhia than of Narayan Das Thakur. The building, known as the ‘than’, resembles with the keertanghar, or the room of devotional hymn in the Barpeta Satra, the traditional Vaishnavite monastery of the area. The place is a religious one and devotees flock to the area to offer their prayers and to make wishes come true. The sprawling area of 25 bighas of the ‘than’ is lavishly decorated for dol or the colorful holi festival.

Popular Things To Do & See Around

Many religious places such as the Patbaushi Satra and the Chinpara Vithi are situated close to the this tourist attraction.

Getting There

The place is situated at 32 kms distance from the Barpeta city. Cab is the best way to reach here from Barpeta.

Best Time to Visit

Although this place can be visited throughout the year, the best time to visit the Than is during the spring, especially at the time of Holi. The climate of the area also remains comfortable during this time.

Since it is situated in the sub tropical region, the summer can be too uncomfortable for any trip, and monsoon rains can spoil the chances to go out and visit places. Thus the best time to visit is winter to spring.

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