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Dargah of Syed Shahnur Dewan Barpeta

Dargah of Syed Shahnur Dewan, Bhella is situated in the Khandarkarpara region of the district of Barpeta. The location of the mosque is about 8 kms away from the district headquarter of Barpeta. Syed Shahnur Dewan was the disciple of the Muslim sufi saint, called Ajan Shah. It was believed that Shah had some mystical power of healing and had once treated the queen Fuleswari, the wife of Ahom king Shiva Singha. As a result, the king granted the saint some money and lands. There was a copper plate instruction in the site which have these details inscribed on it but in the 1842, a Burmese innovation removed it from the site. The dargah, well known as Bhella Dargah is an important shrine for the Muslims. Devotees come here to offer their prayers. It is also a symbol of Sufi philosophy and Islamic brotherhood.

Popular Things To Do & See Around

It is believed that since Syed Shahnur was the healer, praying at his dargah can heal people of many medical problems. The River Bramhaputra is close by, and you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the place.

Getting There

From Barpeta you can take a taxi to the Dargah.

Best Time to Visit

Though you can visit the place at any time of the year, it is better to visit during winter and spring, because the weather remains relatively cool and dry, making travelling easier.

In the summer, the climate becomes hot and humid, therefore making it difficult to enjoy the trip. Also during the monsoon, heavy rains can cause disturbances in the travel plan. The weather also remains hot during monsoon.

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