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Ganakkuchi Satra Barpeta

The Ganakkuchi Satra is one of the traditional places to be visited in the Barpeta district of Assam. This religious spot was founded by the great saint Shri Madhab deva. This famous personality was the satradhikar of this institution and stayed here for 18 long years to spread his belief among the people of Assam. The satra has a serene and the peaceful environment surrounds the premises that appeal to the visitors a lot. Thousands of devotees from all parts of the country visit this satra on account of pilgrimage and seek the blessings of the renowned guru. This satra has preserved many sachipat puthis that had been composed by Shrimanta Sankardeva who is said to be a great reformer and saint who brought about a vital change in the culture of Assam. You will also find many manuscripts that are an evidence of the rich Vaishnavite culture of the state. Several vithis of Shri Ram Atoi and Shri Ram Ata can also be found in this holy site. If you are looking for a place to seek inner peace and tranquility then this satra at Barpeta is a must visit for you.

Popular Things To Do & See Around

The devotees can visit the satra at any point of time and explore the place to get a deeper insight of the Vainavism sects. The lush green environment of the place makes it very picturesque and you can capture the beautiful scenic beauty in your lenses. Apart from having a religious aspect, the satra also has a historical relevance which is interesting to explore.

Getting There

The Ganakkuchi Satra is located only a few kilometers away from the Barpeta town. The tourists can hire either buses or taxis to reach the satra.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to plan a trip to this satra is between the months of November to March when the climate remains amazing for sightseeing.

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