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Baradi Satra Barpeta

This famous satra was founded by Shri Madhabdeva who influenced many common people through his preaching. His teachings attracted many natives who believed in his thoughts and ideas, and thus, the satra gained popularity among the people.

The satra has a beautiful structure and the architectural designs used in decorating the premises depict the masterpiece work done by the artisans of those times. This religious institution is also very well known for spreading the Sanskrit culture and literature in many of the surrounding areas of the destination.

Exploring this religious site helps one in gaining a lot of knowledge about the culture and heritage of Assam.

Popular Things To Do & See Around

If you are visiting the satra during the festival of Holi fakua then you will get to experience the grand arrangements made for the celebration of the festival. This is one of the most prominent occasions that are being organized in the satra and it would be an amazing experience for you to be a part of it. The main attraction near Baradi Satra is Manas National Park, Ganakkuchi Satra, and Chinpara Vithi.

Getting There

There are many local means of transportation like auto rickshaw and cab that can help the tourists in reaching the Baradi Satra.

Best Time to Visit

The ideal time to visit to the Satra is during the occasion of Holi fakua when the site looks extremely gorgeous and attracts a lot of devotees.

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