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Popular Attractions To Visit in Trongsa

A magnificent hilly town situated at the center of Bhutan, Trongsa seeks to make an intimate connection with nature lovers, backpackers and honeymooners with spectacular sights of the black mountains, deep surrounding valleys, impressive Dzong and watchtower and numerous other visual and touristy delights. Lying right at the heat of the Buddhist Kingdom, this strategically significant scenic town acts as a bridge between the Eastern and the Western Parts of the country. Being the original seat of the Wangchuck dynasty of Bhutan, this quaint hamlet is famed for its rich historical as well as cultural significance. The Trongsa dzong and the watchtower are the perfect structures where tourists can take a trip down the memory lane and get a fascinating peek into the rich and fascinating history of this sleepy yet pleasant town.

The biggest tourist attraction in Trongsa is its marvelous Dzong. Although not as mesmerizing as the dzongs of Bhutan, the Trongsa Dzong still manages to charm and delight visitors with its hypnotizing grandeur, massive courtyard, unparalleled aura and wondrous architecture. By visiting this dzong, one gets the perfect opportunity to pamper their eyes with the stunning sights of this architectural marvel.

Apart from this, the town of Trongsa also boasts a massive and spectacular Ta Dzong. A must-see place, this towering watchtower is the main fortress of Trongsa and has been guarding the entire district of Trongsa since times immemorial. It also boasts a grand museum where one can go on a captivating historical tour of this ‘Himalayan Kingdom’ and witness the ancient and famous artifacts, treasures and royal memorabilia of the erstwhile Kings of Bhutan.

Another important and delightful tourist destination in Trongsa is the Thruepang Palace. A beautiful historical structure, the Thruepang Palace is famous for being the birthplace of the erstwhile King of Bhutan, Jigme Dorji Wangchuck. The palace becomes the resting ground for the current King of Bhutan during his travels to this quaint hamlet. Owing to its vast collection of magnificent and artsy paintings along with some ancient royal artifacts, the Palace is a paradisiacal site for history buffs and art connoisseurs.

A few kilometers away from Trongsa lies the Kuenga Rabten Palace, which is a surreal destination and a perfect getaway for nature lovers and honeymooners. Welcoming you with the breathtaking scenery of the surrounding luxuriant farm fields and rustic charm of its exquisitely designed stone walls, this photogenic palace was originally the winter home of the second King of Bhutan. It also boasts a beautiful painting of Guru Rinpoche’s paradise.

Don’t forget to visit the charming and serene Chendebji Chorten, which greets you on your way to Trongsa from Thimphu and offers you the perfect opportunity to relax and rejuvenate your weary souls amidst the pristine environment of the Himalayan landscapes.

Trongsa, with its numerous trekking and hiking trails, is also a haven for trekkers and thrill seekers. From the refreshingly simple Mangdue trail that takes you on an unforgettable trek through some of the most spectacular Himalayan lands to the uphill treks to the meditation retreat of Taphey Goemba and the high altitude passes of Yutong La and Pele La, Trongsa will surely satiate all your wanderlusts and travel desires.


We Have Found 2 Attractions For You


Chendebji Chorten

A Nepali-style Chorten built in the 18th century, Chendebji Chorten was constructed with the sole aim to subdue harmful, anti-religious demons.  ...


TA Dzong

Ta Dzong, the National Museum in Trongsa built-in 1968 houses a collection of paintings, fine arts, bronzes, jewellery, handicrafts and more.  ...