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TA Dzong

Overlooking the magnificent Trongsa Dzong and situated on the left bank of the beautiful Mangde River, the Ta Dzong is a majestic circular five story tower flanked by two lower towers. With its magnificent design and impressive aesthetic, the Ta Dzong is an awe-striking marvel of traditional Buddhist architecture and a popular tourist attraction. Built by Choeje Minjur Tenpa, the first governor of Trongsa, in 1652, the tower served as a watchtower and protected the Trongsa Dzong, which was the main stronghold of the town during that time, against external threats.

After having gone through extensive renovations throughout the years, the building has been serving mainly as a museum since 2008 and continues to fascinate tourists to this day with its two grand temples, a massive 11 galleried museum and media room equipped with state of the art technology. The temples are dedicated to the legendary Gesar of Ling from the Epic of King Gesar and Maitreya, the successor to Buddha.

Also home to various religious and royal artifacts including works of some fine Buddhist craftsmanship, artfully designed statues and precious memorabilia of the erstwhile Kings of Bhutan such as the 500 year old coat of Ngagi Wangchuk among other timeless treasures, the Ta Dzong also serves as the favorite tourist destination of history buffs.

A visit to this grand museum and its 11 galleries will make one well versed with Bhutanese history, culture and art, and well acquainted with the important icons who have helped shape the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragons’.

Also famous for being a prominent cultural center, the Ta Dzong hosts a number of community events like the Nyungne (meditation sessions) and grand archery competitions which not only add vibrancy and charm to this wonderful structure, but also delights travelers with its colorful and jubilant celebrations.