Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary Maharashtra

Tucked away in the hills of Pandarkawada district, Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is spread over an area of 148.63sq.kms and is an ideal eco-tourism getaway for the wildlife lovers of Maharashtra. The major portion of the park has a good number of forests of firewood, timber, and teak. Since the park is watered by the important rivers such as Krishna, Bhima, Tapti, Purna and spread over different altitude, here one expect good no of flora species. Flora of the Park plays a critical role in regulating the climate and sustaining the life cycle as major no of villagers are dependent on forest for teak and timber. All these different types of forest and trees come together and form a habitat for a huge variety of species like Hyena, Chital, Blackbuck, Sambar, Jackal, Wild Boar, Peacock, Monkey, Blue Bull, Wildcat, Bear and much more. The reserve also protects 180 species of birds, 29 species of mammals, a host of Arachnids and 26 species of reptiles.

Undoubtedly; it's the flora and fauna that dominate the region, but it's the waterfalls that attract the visitors to this region the most. And if visited all of them during the monsoon season, all these places would leave such an impression in mind that would last forever, even after years of leaving the region. Inside the vicinity of the park, one can find a basalt area formed from the lava explosion 90 years back.

Located in the south of Maharashtra, the area dominated by Konkan fishing villages and metropolitan cities, Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary looks like a green oasis and is hardly visited by people. Perhaps that's the reason why people visit this picturesque landscapes to see tigers, which are hardly 14 in number. Clasped in the arms of nature in the remote region of Maharashtra, the sanctuary is one of the best parks in Yeotmal districts.

  • Flora Diversity of Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary The Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary's bamboo forest is home to as many as 250 species of plants having medicinal and economic importance. While there are many types of teak in the park like Dhaoda, Ain, Achar, Mohuwa, Lendia, Bhirra, Tendu, Semal, Rohan, Tiwas, which overall forms up to 60% off the croos composition. In some places of the park, one can find a prominent number of herbs namely Tarota (Cassia tora ), Tnella(Blumes obilisues), Tarwar (Cassia auriculata), Gokru(Tribulus terrestris), Wight(Flemengia bracteata), Vanbhendi(Urena lobata), and much more. Mangrove plantations, consisting of shrubs and trees, are common to spot at Tipeshwar Sanctuary.
  • Fauna Diversity of Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary The sanctuary's plant and trees play a critical role in climate regulation of the park and sustaining the local water cycles. The forest they form is home to unique variety of animals like Tigers, Panthers, Small Indian Civet Cat and Blackbuck.
  • Adding to the glory and glitz of the park are Konkan waterfall that provides a soothing view of the landscape.

Best time to Visit

March and June

How to Reach

By Roadways: Mentioned below are some common routes used by the travelers:
Mumbai - Aurangabad - Jalna - Hingoli – Yeotmal – Tipeshwar : 850 Km
Buldhana – Akola – Yeotmal- Tipeshwar : 350 Km
AMravati – Tipeshwar : 165 Km
Yeotmal – Tipeshwar : 75 Km

By Railways: Amravati, Adilabad and Badnera are the nearest railway station

By Airways: Dr. Babasaheb AMbedkar International Airport, 170 km from the sanctuary, is the closest airport.

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary Maharashtra

Safari Timing

Jeep/car and mini bus safari is easily from the two gates of park - Sunna and Mathani. See below for safari details:

1st Oct to 30th Nov
Entry Exit Entry Exit
6:00 AM – 8:00 AM 10:00 AM 2:30 PM - 4:00 PM 6.30 PM
1st Dec to 28th / 29th Feb
Entry Exit Entry Exit
6.30 AM- 8.30 AM 11:00 AM 2:00 PM – 3.30 PM 6:00 PM
1st Mar to 30th April
Entry Exit Entry Exit
5.30 AM – 7.30 AM 10:00 AM 3:00 PM – 4: 30PM 6.30 PM
1st May to 30th June
Entry Exit Entry Exit
6.30AM - 8.30AM 11:00 AM 2PM - 3.30PM 6:00 PM

* Park remains closed on Monday

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