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Tadoba National Park

The oldest and largest national park in Maharashtra, Tadoba National Park sprawls in an area of 625.4 sq km. This top wildlife destination in Maharashtra includes Tadoba National Park (116.55 sq km) and Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary (508.85 sq km), which together form Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve covering Chimur Hills, Moharli and Kolsa Ranges. The park is adorned with thickets of teak & bamboo; a magical landscape of rugged cliffs; marshlands; and lakes which make a happy home for a wide range of animals like tigers, panthers, hyenas, sloth bears, wild dogs, jackals, barking deer, bison, sambar etc. Tadoba is one of the best wildlife destinations in India for an enthralling tiger sighting experience.

Brief History of Tadoba National Park

In the year 1955, an area of 116.54 sq km of the Tadoba Region was declared the national park. In 1986, Andhari Wildlife Sanctuary was established next to the national park; and in the year 1995, the two were merged to form India’s 41st Tiger Reserve under Project Tiger.

Flora in Tadoba National Park

About 87% of the southern tropical dry deciduous forest of Tadoba National Park is dominated by teak, bamboo, ain (crocodile bark), bija, dhauda, hald, salai, semal and tendu. The park is also dotted with patches of lush meadows, and many medicinal climbers and plants. Some of the common trees and plants in Tadoba tiger reserve are:

  • Ain (Crocodile Bark)
  • Bija
  • Dhaudab
  • Hald
  • Salai
  • Semal
  • Shisham
  • Sisoo
  • Shivan
  • Surya
  • Sirus
  • Tendu
  • Beheda
  • Bel
  • Chichwa
  • Dhawada
  • Kusum
  • Hirda
  • Karaya Gum
  • Mahua Madhuca (Crepe Myrtle)
  • Lannea Coramandelica (Wodier Tree)

Fauna in Tadoba Tiger Reserve

The largest wildlife reserve in Maharashtra, Tadoba National Park is home to about 88 tigers (2018 tiger census) and several other mammals. The park is also inhabited by a variety of reptiles including the marsh crocodiles and the endangered Indian pythons. There are also 195 species of birds and 74 species of butterflies ensuring an unmatched wildlife experience. Some of the major wild animals that are commonly found in Tadoba include:

  • Hyenas
  • Spotted Deer
  • Wild Boars
  • Barking deer
  • Gaurs
  • Four horned Antelopes
  • Blue bulls
  • Indian Pangolins
  • Common Langoors
  • Porcupines

Popular Tourist Attractions in and around Tadoba

Tadoba wildlife sanctuary enjoys the beauty of dense forests, the beautiful Tadoba Lake, patches of grasses, and sprawling valley, which are its major attractions. The park is situated in close proximity to Erai (Irai) Dam, Mahakali Mandir (Chandrapur), Urjanagar Lake, Nagpur, Nagzira Wildlife Sanctuary, and Navegaon National Park.

Best Time to Visit Tadoba National Park

An ideal time to visit Tadoba tiger reserve is the winter season (December to February) when several animals including the tigers can be witnessed basking in the sun. Another best time to visit Tadoba is right after the monsoon (October) when the forest turns lush green. Those interested in tiger sighting can also visit in the summer months, between April and June. During this time, tigers frequently come out in the day time in search of water.

Safari Activities & Timings

Jeep Safaris are available in Tadoba wildlife sanctuary. Following are the timings for jeep safari in Tadoba:

Safari Timings are:

Morning Jeep : 6.00 A.M to 10.00 A.M. (entry allowed until 8.00 a.m.)

Afternoon Jeep : 3.00 P.M. until 6.00 P.M (entry allowed until 4.30 p.m.)

Accommodation in Tadoba National Park

There are a number of hotels available around Tadoba National Park ranging from budget to luxury. Following are some of the best places to stay in Tadoba National Park:

  • Svasara Jungle Lodge
  • Serai Tiger Camp
  • Irai Safari Retreat
  • Tiger Trails Jungle Eco Lodge

How to Reach Tadoba Tiger Reserve?

By Air : Nagpur (140 Km) is the nearest airport from where cabs are available for Tadoba.

By Rail : Chandrapur (49 kms) and Nagpur (151kms) are nearest railheads from Tadoba Park. Cabs are easily available from these two places.

By Road : Nearest bus stops are situated in Chandrapur and Chimur and a decent bus service is available to these destinations from a few cities and towns of Maharashtra.