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Margherita Digboi

At the North Eastern corner of the state of Assam, a census town called Margherita is situated. The town was named after the Italian queen consort Margherita. The chief engineer in the rail section, C. R. Paginini named the city so in the 19th century. Earlier it was known as Ma-kum. It is also called the coal queen due to its coal mines. The picturesque town has tea gardens and majestic hills surrounding it, and a pristine River Dehing flowing through it. There is also a well maintained but small golf course at the foothills, and a stream which flows through it. There is the first coal museum of India located in this city, which is called the Coal Heritage and Museum. The Museum preserves the history of coal mining of more than 100 years. However, in spite of the scenic beauty of this small city, and all its areas of attractions, tourism has really suffered due to the political condition of the place.

Popular Things to do & See in and around

The golf course can be seen on the day when the weather is good. The Coal Heritage and Museum is another place of interest for the tourists. Margherita is famous for production of plywood, and the second plywood factory of Assam was established here. You can have a look at the place. The collieries of the area are also quite well known.

Getting There 

Getting to the town of Margherita is not difficult at all. There is a train station in the city, and also the Tinsukia Railway Station is just 45 kilometers away. Three local trains in a day connect Margherita and Dibrugarh, via this station. There are also different buses available for transport.

Margherita Digboi, Assam

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit the coal town of Margherita is between late winter and early summer. Summer season is relatively hot, but not too difficult, but the monsoon rain could spoil your plans, thus monsoon is not the best time to visit this town.

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