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In Tinsukia district of Assam, there is a town called Digboi. In the 19th century crude oil was discovered here and since then, the city is known as the oil city. This is an offbeat place for the tourists but has a number of points of attraction. The breathtaking beauty of the city, which is located at the foothills of the Dehing Patkai Range, is not to be forgotten. The beauty is further enhanced by the serene Digboi Lake with glittering water. The atmosphere around is soothing and calm, and thus this could be the best relaxing place for you after an exhaustive trip. There is a Centenary Environment Park near the lake which is an eco park, and has a variety of flora.

Popular Things to do & See in and around

Spending time near the picturesque lake of Digboi, and watching the birds on a bright day is the best thing you can do here. There are however a number of other tourist spots here, which can be visited. There is the oldest oil refinery in Asia situated in the area, which is a must visit place for the travelers. Also there is 18-hole golf course, which attracts a number of tourists.

Getting There 

Most of the attractions in Digboi are at walking distance from each other. Thus, walking would be the best way to reach.

Best Time to Visit

Summer in Digboi is quite hot, with the maximum temperature shooting up to 38 degree Celsius making it difficult to combat the heat.

Digboi Lake, Assam

In the monsoon, the temperature cools down to an extent, and the area dawns a lush green cover. The winter can be cold, but the early spring is quite enjoyable. The best time to visit the area is October to March.

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