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Best Time to Visit Digboi

Located in the North East corner of Assam, Digboi experiences climate much like the entire state, which is sub-tropical monsoon. Predominantly there are 3 seasons- summer, monsoon and winter in which the weather of Digboi is majorly divided into:

Summer (Apr-Jun):

The temperature ranges between 22 degree Celsius and 38 degree Celsius which makes it quite uncomfortable to travel during such a hot weather. The excessive humidity is also likely to make the journey difficult.

Monsoon (Jun-Oct):

This season is more beneficial for the farmers and there is a lot of greenery to witness during this time of the year in Digboi. Tourist can visit during monsoons if they don’t mind getting a tad muddy.

Winter (Nov-Mar):

The winters are amazing here with a temperature that ranges between 7 degree Celsius and 25 degree Celsius. The weather becomes foggy and misty with light rainfall. This is the best season to visit Digboi as the temperature offers comfort for a good tour time.

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