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War Cemetery Digboi

Located very close to the border of the country Burma, Digboi served as an army camp for the Burmese campaign during the Second World War. The town was made the communications line centre and a hospital was established to treat the injured and casualties during the War. The Digboi war Cemetery started out as a burial ground for the dead bodies which came from the hospital. There were 70 recorded graves on the grounds of the original cemetery. After several shiftings from Panitola to Burma, the cemetery was finally relocated to Digboi during the 1960s. This was done because the initial land site was not only small in size but also prone to landslides and even got damaged from the earthquake of 1950. Now, it is a ground where you’ll find more than 200 burials.

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One can visit and pay due respect to the dead who fought valiantly in the Second World War. You can also visit the war cemetery during the 2nd Saturday of the month of November when a prayer ceremony is held to commemorate the sacrifices and pay homage to the buried soldiers.

Getting There 

You can visit Digboi War Cemetery by simply boarding a bus and get a taxi on hire.

Best Time to Visit

Digboi experiences a pleasant weather all year around which makes it a prime tourist spot of Assam.

War Cemetery Digboi, Assam

In summers, the temperatures go as high up as 36 degree Celsius. Winters, i.e., October to March, is a comfortable season to visit Digboi when the temperature ranges from 10 to 25 degree Celsius.

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