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Popular Attractions To Visit in Trashi Yangtse

Established in 1992, Trashiyangtse is one of the newest dzongkhags of the ‘Land of the Thunder Dragon’. Boasting a rich and exhaustive cover of subtropical and alpine forests along with an immense wealth of historical and cultural heritage, this travel destination promises to fill one with an unmatched sensory delight and a surreal experience that will be forever etched in memories.

Here, one can find people from different tribes, cultures and regions, a hallmark of the legacy of Trashiyangtse’s rich ethnic and cultural diversity. From the Yangtseps, who are the region’s indigenous dwellers and the Tshanglas to the Bramis from Tawang, Khengpas from Zhemgang and Kurtoeps from Lhuentse, Trashiyangtse is home to a varied population.

The biggest tourist landmark and attraction of Trashiyangtse is the Bomdeling Wildlife Sanctuary, a sprawling natural reserve that is home to some of the rare and endangered species like the Black Necked Cranes, Himalayan Black Bears and the Ludlow’s Bhutan Snowtail. The sanctuary also boasts an exhaustive list of adrenaline inducing trekking routes and numerous pilgrimage spots like the Singye Dzong, Gompa Karp, Sangay Lodrou and Risum Gompa.

For history buffs, Trashiyangtse proves to be a fascinating destination rich history of this region to be witnessed at places like Tshenkharla Ruins, the 9th century ruins of the very first Dzong that was built in Bhutan.

The trip to Trashiyangtse is incomplete without seeking spiritual awakening at the Chorten Kora, situated right next to the gurgling Kulong Chu River. For shopaholics, the dzongkhang offers paper-made and wood carved items. A short two hour trek from Trashiyangtse takes one to the scenic village of Khoma, popular for silk items.


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Chorten Kora

A large stupa built in the 18th century, Chorten Kora was built to subdue a harmful demon believed to be living at the site.  ...