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Dungchen Menchu

There may be uncountable scenic locations in Bhutan but Dungchen Menchu which is situated in the Dagana valley has no comparison. This attraction in Bhutan is renowned for its lush green forest spread in the 80% of the land.

Dungchen Menchu, a stone bath spring, is one of the less-visited but must-visit places in Bhutan which is encircled in the greenery of the mountains. This place is a perfect spot for people who are fighting against skin diseases as the spring is believed to have medicated properties. The medicinal spring is made up of solid granite from which a trumpet-shaped like dung can be discovered.

This magical place is located below the Dzongkhag guest house. After about a 15-minute stroll through the beautiful trails, one can reach Dungchen Menchu and enjoy the uniqueness of the place while unwinding themselves in the spring water.