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Do Kepai Goenthoe

Great travellers in the world are left astonished when they come across various hidden gems spread over Bhutan, the country of happiness. Visitors are stunned by the majestic beauty and Do Kepai Geonthoe, is one such magnificent place in Dagana District which is resting amidst the peaceful and serene environment of Bhutan since ages.

Apart from the awe-inspiring picturesque location, the great belief of the locals attracts uncountable tourists every year to this wonderful location. Do Kepai Goenthoe (or the rock of ancient steps) is a monolith made up of a few steps and each step sinks into the ground every era. Therefore, it is believed by the locals that when every step of the rock disappears into the ground, the epoch will come to the end. Currently, about five steps are visible in the place which are being worshiped as a sacred point by locals and, hence, making it one of the must-visit places in Dagana district of Bhutan. With such powerful faith, Bhutanese have taken the natural wonders to the next level. So, visit this wonderful place and witness the magic of these ancient steps yourself.