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Do Pata Chapsa

Bhutan is renowned across the world for its respect towards religion and glorious history. Moreover, there are a plethora of places in the country that represent the celebrated history of the ancient times and one such place is Do Pata Chapsa which lies in the lush greenery of Dagan district in south Bhutan.

Do Pata Chapsa is a wonderful place where not many tourists pay their visits. However, every traveller must see the rock resting in the magnificent surroundings of verdant hills. This rock is not any ordinary part of the hill as what makes it special is the imprint of a sword. According to the locals, this sword mark belongs to the great warrior Ngagey who was also the part of the court of Tsega King. He left the mark of his sword while he hit the rock forcefully ages ago. One can reach Do Pata Chapsa after a 2-hour walk from the Daga Dzong. The serenity of the environment encircling the place is unmatchable.