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Do Rangthan

Bhutan cannot be counted amongst ordinary tourist places because there are unnumbered places that offer visitors with indelible experiences. Moreover, it is not only the mesmerizing scenery that allows tourists to soak into it but also the wonders of nature and culture of Bhutan that astonishes people in an unexpected manner. Do Rangthan is one such place. The hidden gem in the Dagana district located in the southern part of the country amazes its visitors with its matchless beauty and glorious story.

After a small walk of half an hour from Do Kepai Geonthoe, there is a marvelous point known as Do Rangthan or Stone Mill where tourists pay their visit and witness the unusual traditions of the place. The story of this celebrated place goes back to the time when a Guru defeated a local demon who used to disturb the visitors by crushing them and squeezing their blood. Later, this place was worshipped by people in the memories of the Guru.

Resting between the gigantic snow-capped mountains and verdant land, Do Rangthan is shaped like a millstone which is why it is also known as the Stone Mill. Moreover, because of the outstanding location and cultural belief of the Bhutanese, Do Rangthan is undoubtedly recognized as one of the must-visit traveling destinations in Bhutan.