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Do Dung Chen

Bhutan, the Buddhist kingdom is a magnificent place that can leave any traveler or visitor astonished. There are a number of hidden gems in the country and one such extraordinary place is Dagana which is a small district with around 80% of land covered in forest. Moreover, Do Dung Chen is one of the must-visit places in Dagana district that can please anyone with its beauty and uniqueness.

Do Dung Chen holds a special place as far as Bhutan tourism is concerned because it is surrounded by verdant forest and picturesque view. Tourists from across the globe come here attracted by the beauty and amazing belief behind it. Want to know what is so special about this place in Dagana? Well, Do Dung Chen is especially visited by couples who are facing difficulties in conceiving. Such people pay their visit here to gain blessings of the god to give birth to their child. Besides, the fun fact is that children who are born after their parent’s visit to Do Dung Chen are renowned as “Dungchen”.

Hidden deep into the dense forest, this place to visit in Dagana can be reached after a 2-hours of walk from the Dagana town. Thereafter, come two spots, one of them is in the form of a conch (a type of a shell) and the other one is a rock from where the tourists discover the conch as a hidden treasure.