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Patharughat Swaheed Minar Darrang

The beautiful temples, sanctuaries and historical remains are the main attractions of the Darrang district. One such place of historical relevance in the district is the Patharughat Swaheed Minar. This tourist spot is located about 16 kms away from Mangaldai and is considered as one of the prominent places in the state of Assam. This minar was constructed in the memory of the victims of Assamese origin who lost their lives in the Jallianwala Bagh tragedy. We have all read about this incident in our history and have known about brutality people had to suffer for the nation. A visit to this place is a sign of showing respect to those great souls who are an important part of our Indian history. The architecture of the minar is marvelously done and reflects the masterpiece crafted by the engineers of those times. The beauty of the monument is enhanced by the presence of the greenery that surrounds the entire area.

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This monument in Darrang is a clear reflection of the brave martyrs that our country had in the past because of whom we are enjoying the freedom that we have today. It is our responsibility to pay homage to these innocent people who will always remain immortal in the pages of our history. This historical minaret enables us to be aware of the minute details of our past.

Getting There 

If you are travelling to Darrang from other states of the country then you have to first reach Guwahati and then travel to Mangaldai by availing the private bus services of that area. Apart from the conducted tourist buses, the minaret can also be reached via the local transport of Darrang.

Patharughat Swaheed Minar, Assam

The Minaret can be reached from the town via taxis or auto rickshaws.

Best Time to Visit

Travelling to this district has no such suitable time as the place has a moderate temperature all round the year. However, the months of October to March are considered ideal to plan trips here.

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